Scar Brace Piercing

The wearer of these piercings would like me to point out that the scars are not cutting or self harm, but are in fact zombie bite marks, and this is his attempt to turn it into something more decorative.

Enjoy the thirteen posts for the day. I think I’m going to take the weekend off now. You may however see a little guest blogging from Ryan at BMEshop (and I’m consdering adding other guest bloggers — if you think you have what it takes and have an existing body modification themed blog that you’d like to mate with ModBlog, drop me a line).

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47 thoughts on “Scar Brace Piercing

  1. What a great forum. We’re discussing the type of Zombie bites he has. Nowhere but BME! ;)

  2. it took me like five minutes to figure out what a zombie bite was…ah euphemisms.

  3. I like the idea of calling them zombie bite marks. It’s better than the excuse, “I had sex with a porcupine.”

  4. i think i used to tell people i got in a fight with a lawn mower, if they asked about the scars.

  5. yes,this is what i will start calling them when people ask me…well,that is,unless i go to haiti and that’s how zombies show their love for the non-zombies 0_0

  6. wow zombie bites… better than the old ‘the cat did it’ haha. I think i’d try this except my scar tissue seems overy sensitive and painful even to touch, so i cant imagine waht this must feel like. looks good though :D

  7. “his arms is beautiful”


    I think they would look nicer without the piercings to be honest, but if it rectifies it in their mind then thats for the best.

  8. I agree with cinder. I pretty much just want to touch his arm for a really long time. I never scar that beautifully. Even if his were obtained in a zombie related accident. Mine are usually flat. Yeah. I really want to stroke his arm.

  9. the old “zombies ate my arm” line… i dun personally find this “hot” as paris hilton robots have exclaimed but it def looks like it was funfully painful… might look better to me if it were an interesting design or artistic in some way… exerpt from King Missle song, ” it makes me want to impale myself on a bed of nails, or jump into the big black cauldron of boiling oil, it makes me want to twist my body round and round, tie myself in knots, tare myself in half, scream for joy and die and die and die and die…”

  10. haha zombie bites ^_^ im so stealing that. far more amusing than “yeah my locker hates me” or what greentrees said lol

  11. I used to tell people I used to be a lion tamer, but I was crap at my job. The suprising thing was the number of people who’d believe me!!

  12. Paris Hilton robots? Paris Hilton would call scarred arms hot? *looks around extremely confusedly*

  13. Ohmygod…so gorgeous. I wanna touch his arm.
    I am super envious of how he scars. Mine always heal flat *sad look*.
    I’ve been staring at this pic for a long time now. And…I’m gonn stare some more….

  14. how is it gorgeous..or hot or good in any makes me feel realllly sick and makes my wrists ache! and u lil dickheads commenting think its kool to cut…………

  15. That’s what I thought aus, if they are straight it’s not going to heal easily even with the scar to keep them in place. A curved or surface barbell would be much better.

    I did this once, just temporarily, but not with such an impressive scar.

  16. Wow, that looks so similar to my arm, thought I haven’t got anything pierced on it, I never saw anyone who scars like I do.

  17. Jacinta… people have different opinions on cutting, you dont know why this person or anyone else for that matter may have done it… maybe you shouldn’t label them all dickheads? just a thought…

  18. wow…impressive
    that must have hurt like crazy…my scars heal like that to and it hurts just to run my finger over them sometimes…kudos to the pain tolerance!

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