The Curse of the Name Tattoo

Tattoo legend has it that if you get a tattoo of a romantic partner’s name, or get a matching tattoo with them, that the relationship is doomed. This further before and after anecdotal evidence is by Curtis Richter at The Quillian in Allentown, PA.

I have three matching tattoos with ex-partners. Two dumped me, I dumped the other. I can’t say I won’t do it again, because I record my life with my body, and I don’t regret any of the tattoos in the least… But from everything I’ve seen, I’d suggest this curse applies in at least 80% of cases.

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36 thoughts on “The Curse of the Name Tattoo

  1. This is why you talk your mate out of having your name on his/her body.

    I did.

    And boy am I glad.

    Anyway, I laughed! =]

  2. hehehe i like, i’ve seen a similar one like it with a “VOID” stamp style tattoo over the top too.

  3. I like that a lot more than a cover-up that would have completely hidden it :>

    I feel the need to admit that my fiancé and I are getting small matching tattoos, and he has an abstract tattoo of me on his chest. I tried to talk him out of the latter, but he said something similar to what you wrote: He couldn’t imagine no longer loving me, but if we did break up, that wouldn’t change the fact that it had happened and made him who he is.

  4. In my office I do all kinds of laser stuff, but tattoo removal is just an unhappy time for all. Results can be good but it’s painful, expensive and never seems to make people really happy. I always recommend a local shop and send people for cover art when I can. This is an alternative that I like a whole lot. Something new to suggest.

  5. 80%?

    What happens to the other 20%? Do they die together, holding hands, with beatific smiles on their wizened faces? In the long view, 100% of relationships are doomed anyway.

  6. Someone got something similar to this – she had an ex’s name on her arm, and got a “VOID” stamp tattooed on top of it.

  7. The curse also holds true if your partner is the one tattooing you. I’ve been unfortunate enough to have that happen TWICE. Never again will i let a tattoo artist that i’m involved with ink me.

  8. Hmmm….my wife’s family name means magpie in her language, so I got a magpie tattooed over my heart. I sure hope that’s crafty enough to fool the curse…

  9. it’s because you are giving them your world in a sense which is what ruins it all since they don’t know what to do with your world. they have their own to work with and if they do wrong(in your opinion) to your world it just fucks it up.

    i got her lips tattooed on my shoulder blade. lets put it this way, i am glad the curse worked in this case. hahahaahaha. but i will never regret the tattoo i got because it means so much more then just her.

  10. Was the name tattooed over with white ink, or does it just look more faded in comparison to the new addition?

  11. best fucking cover-up of the year… laughed til i pissed myself… thank the lord for adult diapers… but i’ll save that story for another more appropriate blog… *thumbs up*

  12. ha, ha, ha … of course i was gonna get both “Curtis” & “Slut” tattooed on me.


  14. yup didn’t know this and went and got my husbands name on my wrist…but i believe it’s the people not the tat that dooms a relationship…i’ll keep you posted when we celebrate our 10th anniversary!!!

  15. Damn, it’s weird cause I was just looking for ideas for a good back tattoo and here I stumble upon a tattoo from the tattoo shop I was gonna get it done at. Nice.

  16. I had a tattoo done of a swallow, scroll and heart wiv my exes name…i thought it was def wot i wanted, that we wud work no matter wot and even if worst come 2 worst and we did split up, id still keep the tat as a milestone kinda memory type thing of my life. the name was of my 1st love, i was very young and stupid………she actuly ended up stabbin me in the leg! so need less 2 say we split up. i lived wiv the tat for bout 2yrs after we split and never regreted anythin so much! so 2day was the day i got it covered wiv sum lil purple flowers over the name! oh yeh by the way the tat is on my boob 2! but hey, its all good coz the bitches name is gone! cant even c it at all!……but 1 thing thats sweet is my ex got a tat of my name 2 bout 3 times the size of mine!! so that kinda helps make me feel beta….
    anywhooo sori bout the v.long post!

  17. my former fiance tattooed my name under a beautiful tattoo she had on her shoulder and part of her arm. the tattoo was a mrs. “my last name” that looked like a beautiful addition to her art work. in the end she dumped me. i dont get it. im still getting over the relationship. i just dont understand why someone would commit to marriage, commit to a very permanent tattoo, and get rid of you only to act like she never even knew me. people are just fucking weird. i didnt need the tattoo to know that i was committed to her forever. thank god!

  18. Yeah..I got my girls first name tattooed over my heart. Ever since then it seemed like things got worse and worse. Today we finally just ended it. We’ve said our goodbyes..sad part is she doesnt think we should talk anymore. It was all just to hard to make it work since her family hates me with the deepest passion of hate because of love her.

  19. i really dont see y u would want to tattoo someones name(spouse) on your body. Tattooing your kids name is different, iv seen that and its adorable. But your partners? i dont know i think its a bit much. Not much can last forever but with relationships, its really rocky, just alot of people trully beleive they will be with someone forever and alot of times it can backfire. when i was young i was addicted to abba, i wanted abba tattoed across my ass, and now, i listen to heavy metal, tastes change, sometimes is better to just know something in your heart and keep it at that. I have nothing wrong with people that do it, truly its your choice but sometimes its better to play it safe then sorry. Plese think about it befor hand, you dont have to beleive in the curse but maybe beleive in realtity and that fact that everything changes

  20. I am booked in 2moro to get my mans name tattooed on my ribs, just under my left boob, small, plain script, the day I booked in to get it done we had the WORST day of our 1yr relationship and he didn’t even kno I’d booked in for it! I later realised that it was me making it worse! I was wanting him to love me more that day because of what I’d done, and he didn’t even kno about it, when I stopped expecting supersweet love and commitment that day everything levelled out back to normal, we do love each other sooo much, I want to do this to show how committed I am to him, we don’t need it, but I want to do it. And its easily hidden, I saw a chick yday with “Kevin” tattooed on her neck!! I meant to ask her if they were still 2getha!

  21. I’m sorry, but I have a tattoo on my leg of my husband and mine last name. Got it 5 years ago before I ever even married him (he got my last name on the side of his index finger). Yes, we have our days (like any normal couple), but we are still more in love than ever. In my opinion if you put belief in a curse than you are letting that curse become true. If you don’t want it to happen it won’t. It’s mind over matter. If you’re not meant to be inked or not you won’t last…that’s just the plain truth of it…sorry.

  22. It depends on the people, not a curse. If you want it to work it will, specially if you are determined to make it work. Some people get too caught up in their selfishness that they do not realize they are the ones messing up a relationship. No curse is out there waiting for it’s next victim. It all depends on wether you control your mind or your mind controls you, If you have self-control you probably have a better chance of staying committed. So if you’re sure that it is something you want, then why not get your love’s name tattooed? I know I will, and since my son has his dad’s name, it has two meanings as well.

  23. I have my ex’s name tatt’d on my lower back. I’ve had it for 7 years now. I regret it. True. But after seeing this,I’ve got an idea! Next month, I am getting my now husband’s name around my ring finger since I never wear them. I’m a stay at home mom so bleach doesn’t go well lol!! I am also getting a saying in German right above the sweet spot with his name underneath. It’s his nickname I gave him. If we don’t work out, I will still wear it with pride. The man has helped me raise my son who belongs to the asshole I have tatt’d above my ass. My husband jokes that it’s like getting another man’s ass while he’s at work!! I think it depends on the relationship.

  24. i belive in it i got a ex boyfrind nows name tattooed on my wrist and a week later we broke up then my house burnt down and i desided to get my kids names tattoed on me i have 8 kids but i stoped at my 5th one dcs termanated those 5 kids and gave me back my youngest 3 that were not tattooed on my arms

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