Giant nostrils (and septum), jewelry removed

Since my last post on Pauly Unstoppable generated so much feedback, I’d like to give you another angle as well as showing you what this intense body modification looks like without the jewelry in place (and check out the “see from one side to the other” jade look).

PS. More large stretched and punched nostril piercings on BME.

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30 thoughts on “Giant nostrils (and septum), jewelry removed

  1. I never find someone this interesting in Indiana.

    Amazingly beautiful. and so healthy looking! I see people with 18g nostrils that don’t look that healthy.

  2. can he leave the jelwery out, or would it dry out his nasal tissue too much?

  3. I’m in awe. He takes it to the next level, or beyond the next level and he’s just amazing.

  4. he looks glum, i hope he’s ok. maybe its just his extra large labret pushing up his lip or something.

  5. Yes, it’s a combination of the large labret and the eyebrow tattoos; they give you a false emotional impression. It’s actually interesting to think how even subtle tattoos (say done in white or peach ink) could be used to alter ones perceived expressions.

  6. awesome! i think this is so absolutely beyond excellent!
    is it just me or does anyone else wonder what it would feel like to stick your finger all the way through?

  7. Can you see his three nasal conchae with all it’s tissue through piriform aperture? How do they look like with all their flesh?

  8. question – do they smell?

    has it altered his sense of smell at all?

  9. Why such a pretty man is doing this to his face and his personality? Anyway, it’s OK if he’s feeling well and satisfied with his look.

  10. these two pictures were in an email i got called “the unemployables.”

    you’re fucking awesome paul.

  11. wow, you are the coolest person I’ve ever seen. You make us all proud. Wuhuu it’s cool. I think it’s cool. I bet that you can beat Rambo in coolness. You are truly a god amongst men. Damn that’s cool. It kind of reminds me of punk music and other cool stuff. Btw, did I mention you are tough. This is definitely not a question of teenage angst. I hope you’ll write a book. That would probably also be cool. In another universe where you are the only living being, you might be the coolest person around.

  12. HAH and ppl where im from thinks mine is huge heh that dude has monsters.. i like it.. mine is only a 2 ga.. but i want it at a 0..that would be fine for me… but if that would be i would put a curved barbell thru them.. or some huge 00 captive that would look awesome.. but i know how it is.. i live on a retarded bible belt of Va.. soon to be Seattle.. but living here with 1″ in my ears, my labret, and 2 ga septum ppl treat me disrespectful.. i say fuck’em

  13. Hey thats hardcore for sure but ive always wondered can u still smell?? n how do u blow ur noise?

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