Eyes NOT Wide Open

…Eyes sewn shut in fact (remember the video). The procedure is by Emrys, the wonderful photo is by Matt Larkin (who is working on a book of his wet plate photography), and someone please post the IAM page name of the person in the picture because even though I’ve talked to them recently I’m totally blanking on the pagename! Sorry!

Update: It’s DreadedFate

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13 thoughts on “Eyes NOT Wide Open

  1. I was talking to DF after seeing the video, and the eyes (like you can see in the pic) aren’t really sewn shut. He WAS able to open them and see, although in quite a different way than without the stitches…
    I was wondering if it would be at all possible to actualy sew your eyes shut, and how it would be done..

  2. Oh I didn’t say that it wasn’t! I still hope to some day do what he did…
    I was wondering if it would be possible to “really” sew your eyes shut…

  3. But that’s not really sying anythiong, is it?
    Oh I’ll guess I’ll have to do my research the hard way…

  4. The photo looks like the view from the bottom of a basket at the base of a guillotine.
    Positively decapitated.

  5. Of course sewing the eyes shut is possible. However there would be a reasonable risk of damage to the eyelids, cornea, and conjunctiva, and a (smaller) risk of a penetrating eye injury.

  6. That’s what I though, but I would like to know how much of a risk is it, and what can I do to minimize it… thanks anyway!

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