Women Love Sex With Eunuchs!

Seriously, I don’t know how many older eunuchs and otherwise heavily genitally modified men I’ve interviewed that use it to pick up women. I don’t know what cougeriffic thing happens to women when they hit thirty-five, but wow, tell them you’ve got no nuts or that you have a split penis and I don’t know if it’s curiosity or sexual boredom or what, but it’s a guaranteed successful sarge…

My friend Chris writes, “I have been a eunuch for over five years now and it’s the best thing I ever did. I use testosterone shots every ten days to keep everything functioning and the women in my life can’t get enough of sex with someone who’s been castrated. They just love the fact that they’re having sex with a balless guy!”

39 thoughts on “Women Love Sex With Eunuchs!

  1. Maybe it’s cause they know they won’t get pregnant?

    I still find it interesting that someone would become a eunuch and then carry on injecting testosterone. Doesn’t that defeat the point?

  2. I think it’s only a small percentage of eunuchs who want to live without testosterone. Most (but not all) that I know are on testosterone and still sexually active.

  3. That’s fascinating. I got the impression from what I’d read that it was about supressing or removing sexual desire for a lot of eunuchs, particularly nullos.

    Care to elaborate on why you think (or what you know about) eunuchs might be motivated to be castrated but remain sexually potent?

  4. It’s the lack of sweaty ball syndrome and the ability to 69 without suffication;)

  5. Wow, this was a great quick edu on true Eunuchs. My personal deffinition was mildly incorrect. I’d have to say that this completely changes my opinion on the whole concept (for the better). Thanks for the pic!

    I’ll research on my own, but I am curious, are testosterone shots a nececity once becoming a Eunuch? I assume not as for the history of Eunuchs, but history is not always healthy.

    Thanks for having this site.


  6. I agree with Matt Volatile’s first comment. Being a woman over 35 myself, as are most of my girl friends, I can definitely say that a lot of women welcome sex without the least bit of worry about (unwanted) pregnancy – one feels so free to let go and just enjoy.

  7. C – With testosterone, you’re basically still a man. Without, you’re almost more of a post-menopausal woman hormonally… But the interesting thing is that when you rid men of hormones, they live 10+ years longer than average (less heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and I suppose fatal barfights).

  8. I think, the girls are glad, that the man without balls cann’t make them a thick body! They can make love without a risk!
    That it’s!

  9. Some ppeople DO NOT choose to have thier testes removed some of have medical reasons like CANCER!

    So dont have such a narrow view on this subject because for those of us that do not choose this.

  10. I have had one removed possible cancer I would just have soon had them both removed naybe still.

  11. I’ve been a eunuch now for four months and just started taking the hormone replacement. Before now I haven’t been able to achieve a good erection.

    It is a little weird getting used to not having testicles. Sometimes I reach down and go — oops I forgot.

    I had cancer in both testicles and had to have them removed.

  12. Maybe we need to make the distinction between someone who chooses to be castrated and someone who loses their testicles to disease. Certainly if someone has their testicles removed because of cancer, they should not be judged as it was not at all a choice but rather a medical imperative regarding life and death.

  13. I like eunuch, but i am not an eunuch, i want to have real, true, CLEAN and faithful frienship with them. If any eunuch is interested… always welcome

  14. It is my fondest DREAM to be castrated. I’ve always hated having balls. They cause me both physical and psychological pain and feel I would be best rid of them forever. I want to still be able to have sex but really, Really, REALLY want to be a eunuch. NOlmstedtodd at the big America Co online

  15. ive been castrated ihave a penis but im scaired to try to meet women i would love to have sex with women but not sure if it will work can you help me out?please

  16. Yea, It’s we don’t have to worry about getting pregnate. Also, it’s fun to just have sex with a guy- enuch or not 😉 I’m not taken but I won’t give out my adress 😉

  17. enunch sorry >,< Yea I am sexy. Wanna see mah picture?

    “All you need is love, love…Love is all you need 😉

    “Blinded by the light, reped up like a doush you knw the romer in the night” 😉

  18. Hi all,

    I’m a bit late to the party, but I was castrated in 1985 because of varicoceles that couldn’t be repaired. There was no information to be had back then, but I was willing to have it done to get rid of the pain they caused.

    I was in my mid twenties when I had them removed. My late wife agreed that I should have it done, and thought I was better after they were.

    Since being alone I have encountered women who think I’m neat without them and others who’ve dismissed me as a sex partner. Twenty five years after my castration I can still satisfy a woman with only my penis. Some women do find it interesting that I still can be a viable partner without my testicles and appreciate that I can’t possibly get them pregnant. Over the years, I’ve found it very comfortable having only my penis.


    After losing my wife I was a bit shy about telling women I have no balls. Some accept it; some don’t, but I tell them up front that I’m castrated.


    Yep, the frst few weeks were strange for me too. Finding an empty scrotum seemed strange. I decided not to have implants, and later had my scrotum completely removed. Some women find that fascinating.

    Sex, at least for me, is mostly mental; and thanks to a caring wife I felt no less a man after my testicles were removed. She also encouraged me to have my empty scrotum cut off. It did look a bit silly hanging there empty, and did cause me some discomfort from sweating.

    Shortly after my surgery I was going through hot flashes due to lack of testosterone. We were visiting a woman friend, and my jacket was on and off. The woman asked my wife if I was having hot flashes, and she replied I had been recently castrated and was indeed having them. I didn’t get sex with her till after my wife passed, but she said she always wondered if a man still could without his balls. I had some good times with her, and never had to worry.

    Yes, I’m willing to answer any questions both men and women may have about what it’s like to be neutered. I don’t miss my testicles or scrotum one bit.

  19. I want ask you Norma.

    Do you need testosterone shots? and other thing, you have been more twenty yeard castrated. Have you something patology, disorder or disease now?


  20. I want to be castrated all so. I have not had sex in 13 years. No longer need a sex drive. I have a huge masturbation problem this will put a end to that. Need it done for piece of mind

  21. I had my testicles removed a year ago. Due to medical reasons and all opinions from other urologists, I underwent many unsuccessful treatments. I had finally found a urologist who decided that putting me through many surgeries would be a bad thing, so he decided to remove them after the initial visit… I take only a small amount of testosterone, and everything works just fine. Ask my satisfied girlfriend she’ll tell you.. 🙂

  22. The best day of my life will be the day I find a Dr in Ma to castrate me. I have wanted to get these things cut off since age 15. 56 now. Way over due. I am working with the right people now and getting closer to getting the green light to have my bilateral. Orchiectomy. Hope to be a eunuch on my next post. By By Balls they will look so nice in the surgeons. tray. Love to all.

  23. Was voluntary castrated last June, best thing ever done wish I’d had it done years ago. Can still get erections but softer and still have my scrotum which I love being empty. Great when wearing tight fitting jeans

  24. Castrated and then using testosterone replacement therapy: isn’t it a little bit unlogical???
    I understand it when it’s done by medical reason but when it’s a free choise its very strange…
    I was vasectomised 30 years ago, so: no more worries of pregnancy but I have still my balls, my sack and a normal testosterone level…

  25. I was castrated at my young wife’s request, she had taken a lover and he no longer wanted to share her with me as I am older and love my wife I agreed to be castrated and have become there Eunuch, I have learned to enjoy the taste of her lover’s semen and he seems to enjoy mounting me and treating me like a woman. my email is: for someone who would like me to service them as A Eunuch. Her lover taught me to swallow without gagging or choking, He said to breath as he ejaculates in my mouth then swallow as he finishes in my throat. I live in the S.W. of Michigan, near Battle Creek, Please write if interested I have only been with one man and would enjoy servicing both man and woman. clean medical history, V.A. certified. My Email is: [email protected] thank you. jerrie

  26. Bonjour.
    Je suis aussi un eunuque .
    J’étais exhibitionniste depuis l’adolescence et cela ne menait a rien sur le plan relationnel ,mais je risquais d’avoir des ennuis avec la “justice ” .
    Pour supprimer mes pulsions sexuelles, je me suis fait enlever les testicules .
    En effet, je continu a prendre très peut de “pantestone ” pour limiter les troubles liés a la castration, mais sans que cela réveille mes pulsions exhibitionnistes .
    Je n’ai plus de vie sexuelle et je suis très heureux comme ça .
    Bye. 🙂

  27. I was voluntarily castrated August 2017. I found a local plastic surgeon to castrate me and he cut my scrotum off. I already had a full subincision cut to my balls for 19 years. I wish I had been castrated that many years ago, its the best thing i ever had done. All my friends know my balls were cut off by my choice, i didn’t want any sympathy and didnt have any disease. I used to be a top, but now ive switched to being a bottom, i take a lower dose of testosterone. Everyone that knows has been very supportive and understanding, and being a nudist, im not bashful if someone wants to see. Ive also had great support from all my doctors. This day in age there is no reason a male has to live with testicles if he doesn’t want them. Obviously I’m sterile forever without my balls.

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