Attaching sunglasses to piercings?

Wow, I never thought this idea for piercing jewelry-attached eyeglasses patent would actually make it into production (it’s different than the pierced eyeglasses that BME has covered in the past). Barry sent me a link to what appears to be a commercialization of that patent, “ATTITUDE“, a pair of sunglasses that clip onto your eyebrow piercings rather than resting on your ears.

How stupid is commercializing that idea? I’ve got no problem with “experts” (people who understand their bodies) playing with things that don’t always work, but don’t push this stuff on a market that may not know better. I mean, unless the goal of the product is to get eyebrow piercings to reject, I just don’t see it being worth it. And anyone who really is in “the committed depths of Body Modification” (as they claim to be) should know that. It doesn’t matter what release mechanism you build in — even tiny amounts of pressure on an eyebrow piercing can radically speed up rejection.

Yes, you too could be this cool.

Well, I suppose there’s a sucker that doesn’t know any better born every minute — after all, think about how many people are perfectly willing to wear low-grade dollar-wholesale (or less) barbells (I’d say 90%+ of the market). Maybe they’ll make lots of money off this, and I’m sure they’ll even be able to find some leather skinned people who can wear them in the long term and post here complaining that rejection is not a risk… but personally I wouldn’t wear these if I cared about keeping my piercings as long as possible.

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  1. Probably not, but it’s not something I’d recommend personally. Rejection, once started (and it just takes a tiny wrong action to cause it), is almost impossible to stop.

  2. I like the bridge glasses idea far better. You can do bridges with larger sized jewelry. Plus my friend had to retire his rejecting bridge due his glasses knocking the barbell. It would be nice if there were a feasible way to make the two work together. Perhaps uber-light glasses? Who knows….

  3. I think we’re overlooking a very important and very apparent risk. It seems more than 60% of users lose all sense of style, and a smaller percentage run the risk of going bald! I smell a class action coming on.

  4. do any of the people on the testimonial page have iam pages? Because that would be pretty interesting talking to the “piercer/manager” people on their page o.O

  5. The way I see it, if people aren’t smart enough to figure out that something weighing their piercing down is going to cause a problem, then that’s their problem.

    Oh, and as for the release mechanism…we all know how well THOSE work out.

  6. Haha, yeah….

    Possibly the worst promo shot ever.
    I bet the photo is just a stock image or stolen from some other product anyway.

  7. yeah the photo is totally shopped, you can see where the ear peices of the original photo’s glases are across his hair.

  8. wow…
    can you say “tacky”?!
    i actually laughed out loud when i saw how they were attempting to attach the glasses to the piercings.
    quite obviously they weren’t patented by someone who understand piercings/anatomy.

  9. I really don’t understand the “how to” on the site, and it has quite a few spelling and grammar errors. I get the general gist of it, but i’m not sure what half of what they say really means O_o. And they seem like they’d be a pain to put on and take off more than once or twice in a day or like if you’re driving and you make a turn and then the sun is in your eyes, it seems like it could be very difficult to put them on while driving . . or something : /

  10. … after all, think about how many people are perfectly willing to wear low-grade dollar-wholesale (or less) barbells (I’d say 90%+ of the market).

    Aaw, that’s me (sometimes) :> But … I wouldn’t wear these ;>

  11. I think it’s a neat idea, but because how our bodies work (rejection,etc) thats what makes this product poor, personally I wouldnt wear these, but after all, all I said was the idea is neat.

  12. After reading the how-to, it almost wouldn’y seem worth it to me. If I ever see a kid with these things on, I will feel sorry for them! My eyebrow has always been very tempramental, but then again it was also peirced pretty shallow. Reguardless of rejection, these things just do not seem worth it to me at all. Plus they don’t really look that stylish either.

  13. Regarding the bridge piercings, they’re apparently looking at going into business, but this time with some added saftey (lenses mounted with a magnet, so if they snag, they don’t take the piercing with them, all preasure held on standard nose rest, and piercing just used as a ballance point.)

    Regarding the eyebrow thing, I think it could still be viable as long as they do it like the bridge piercing guys did it and use it strictly as a ballance point, and rest all the weight of the lenses on the nose with traditional pads.

    – James

  14. The ‘How To’ says:

    “Adjust nose pieces so that the glasses stay on without any attachment to jewelry”

    So what’s the point? Why not just wear them that way and save the stress on your piercings?!

  15. “So what’s the point? Why not just wear them that way and save the stress on your piercings?!”

    cuz omg! that’d b so unkewl…anyway,the rejection was the first thing i thought of when looking at the glasses and how they’d stay on your face because i know i almost ripped out my friend’s eyebrow piercing with just small tug so i can only imagine the headache that’d come from wearing glasses-no matter how fancy.

  16. I did a google search for the people and studios from the testimonial page, and I couldn’t find a damn thing…These kind o f things scare me…

  17. I have a friend who is an eyewear consultant. She was stocking a series of “piercing inspired” glasses about 4 years ago. They were titantium frames with “eyebrow piercing features” built into the design of the frames, and they looked beyond goofy. She was selling them at at least $4-500 dollars a pair (before lenses and other services).

    I like it how this company is selling their “cutting edge” designer prduct for $50 bucks a pair, which is probably a good indicator of the quality of their product.

    I’d rather see a return of the way overlooked pince-nez than a series of ill-fated attempts to find new ways to put stress on piercings that are likely to reject even without having to support glasses all day.

  18. i think what scares me is that some of the people in the testimonials say they are owners/managers/piercers of studios(most of the studios actually exist! heaven help us!)…

  19. I find it freaky that the pince nez seems to be a recent theme in my life.

    What is the universe trying to tell me?

  20. Speaking of low grade jewellery, I saw a wealth of eyebrow and belly button jewellery at the dollar store yesterday of all places. I was kinda disgusted.

  21. alright guys, do these fashion fools a fantastic favor (alliteration!) and do a forceful double-check of that “release mechanism.” Let the blood flow!

  22. Man.. people who fall for this should not be owners of a piercing. If they don’t know about how their body works with/against a piercing, than they should not have one.

    Not to mention.. everyone is worried about rejection.. but what about before that, what about the countless amount of times their hands are going to be touching their jewelry and piercings.. god forbit they SHARE their glasses with anyone else.. cus again.. if they are uneducated enough to fall for this, they probably aint gunna think about cross-contamination.

    All i can see in my head is a pussy, leaky, rejecting eyebrow piercings with fake ugly glasses perilously hang by them. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

    As for the bridge thing.. now THAT was a good idea, with the bridge piercing.. i mean that was a FANTASTIC idea.. for people who want a bridge piercing, or even just has to do it to get that kind glasses look.. i think it would be worth it. ..
    .. but DEFINITLY not this joke of a pair of glasses..

  23. I was a test subject for the Attitude sunglasses marketed by Shining Light. I wore the sunglasses almost daily for a year with absolutely NO problems. If you’ve seen the advertisements for this product then you’ve seen my bald head wearing the glasses. Not most, but ALL of the weight of the glasses sits on your nose, and not on your piercings. Once you get the adjustments just right to fit your face then it’s just like wearing regular glasses without all the pressure of the legs on your face. I have a wide face and glasses give me a headache, so these are perfect for me. If you have piercings that are completely healed, at least 3-4 months old, you should have no problems with them.

  24. i was once a body piercer. shining light was our jewelry provider and my manager was on the brochure for them. they didnt work for her but i ended up sporting them as advertisement to try and get them to sell. once your piercings are fully healed there is no problem. like the last guy said they mostly sit on your nose and there is minimal tug on your piercings. i have sported them for over a year and a half and i still have my piercings. for those of you wierded out by the idea and having such harsh things to say about them, you should try it or atleast actually confront someone with them. plus if you’re an attention whore like i am its a good way to get noticed

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