19 thoughts on “TOAST Triplets

  1. I may have the thalassomaniac of a flanged and hairy mole, but I have the public toilet and Pac-Man arcade machine of a fairy light.

    I love toast 🙂

  2. hahaha man, it’d be afraid of eventually forgetting what it means.. like in ten years from now, when the three of those people have all gone their sperate ways.. and one person forgets what their tattoo means.. it would be a mad rush to find one of the other two to remind them, lol. hahah.

    Nah, it really does have a great meaning, very motivational! Kudos!

  3. Ha thats awesome toast eh lol well how about getting a tattoo by an artist known as toast 😉 good artist 🙂

  4. Tomorrow Offers A Shit Tornado…

    Best–Thing–Ever. Yeah. It’s rare that something makes me laugh out loud that loud.

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