One cut at a time…

So a friend of mine has been slowly separating the head of his penis from the shaft. When he’s got it far enough, it’s coming right off (slow and “safe”). As a point of trivia, when you amputate the glans, erections can become much firmer in many individuals. Oh, and as a secondary point of trivia, Todd Bertrang — who could really use our letters — has done a similar modification, but with the purpose of allowing the glans to move separately from the shaft.

26 thoughts on “One cut at a time…

  1. shannon do you ever think that the fbi might use letters to todd as a way to find out who other under ground/more extreme body mod artist are. That just came to mind right now and was wonder what you thought of that. I mean after all they do filter all in and out going mail.

  2. (this is not meant in a mean way- I’m really just curious) I thought the head of the penis was the most sensitive part? Why would you cut it off? (I realize people do these things for pleasure, but I want to know how it would affect one’s sex life)

  3. In prison all federal mail laws apply. the gaurds only open the letters to search for contraban. LSD and meth can be put on to paper realy easaly. it would be highly illeagal to read the mail. also I would like to hear more about tods modificataon simmeler to this one it sounds frikin Cool.

  4. Is it weird that the first thing I noticed was how effortlessly smooth and stubble-free his pubic region is? JEALOUSY.

  5. growing up as a guy with much less experience with other boys than i’d like, i’m always suprised by how small dicks can be. i’ve heard about averages, but as a general survey, whats the size range folks?

  6. I worked at a regional jail (which is like a mini-prison) for 2 years and mail to certain inmates was routinely read by the lieutenant. He had to attach a slip of paper notifying them their mail had been read… so it can’t be read in secret but it can be read.

    This normally was only done with inmates who had previously attempted to escape, had been found with large amounts of contraband, or other similar circumstances.

  7. ouchies to the max… i am not castrated, but i still don’t have enough balls to do sumfin like this… mine is small enough without splaying it open and chopping it’s head off… i’m in the 5-6 inch range… god made it so it must be perfect right..? haha

  8. Amanda, you’re hilarious.. but its so true.. he IS completely perfectly smool..or atleast it looks like that!! haha lucky guy!! maybe its waxed or lasered off or something!

    The motive for doing that totally escapes me, but i find it absolutely intreiguing to see things like that, hear about people who do that to themselves. It must take incredible will power, patience and guts to cut off the head of your own penis, especially at such a slow pace… maybe there’s something about the pain he enjoys, and that’s why he’s doing it so slowly, to enjoy as much as possible?

  9. Oh yeah, and kaitlin said that the head of the penis is the most sensitive part, so why remove it? Maybe, possibly, UNDER the head of the penis is even MORE sensitive?? Who knows? its not a part that many people have touched.. so i wonder once the head is off and its been fully healed, if it will feel just as good, or better, than as the head felt? … just very super curious.. 😛

  10. if he only does a couple cuts at a time, does he let it heal then start again? but then would it not be harder due to scar tissue?

  11. wow, cool to see someone’s work in progress.

    i write to todd, and i have had some of my included photos taken out. the only reason we could figure out was that you could see my nipples in the photo. we refrain from talking about any illegal activities and things related to him being in prison. he did have email for a while, but not anymore 🙁

  12. I’m still torn on the whole idea of cutting off parts of the penis.


    Seriously though, a firmer erection that is(by the looks of it)up to 1/3 shorter seems to fly in the face of logic-unless its someone who is an anal sex bottom/slave type, but I doubt that is the case here. Hey, as long as THEY enjoy it afterwards…

  13. shorter wider and harder is MUCH better than long in my opinion. yes i am female and yes i dislike penises that are longer than six inches.
    remove the glans if it’s your thing boys, regardless of your sexual orientation you should be able to find someone via bme who is into it!

  14. Fly in the face of logic? I don’t think so, starspring… for a lot of people who like getting fucked it’s not length but width that really matters. Our culture makes a big deal out of length, and I’m sure it matters to some folks, yeah. But if we’re talking logic: the depth of person X’s vagina or rectum or whatever isn’t going to change, while person X, can, with time, gradually accomodate wider and wider dicks or objects.

  15. A long great dick is a good view, for the wifes too!
    But the cutting operation is a very very hot act too!!!
    What will you do with the seperated glanses?? It has to be a very exciting thing, to chew softly on his own glanses!
    Otherwise my wife would cry about a shorting of my splitted cock, she loves it to play with the two halfcocks and watching they to make great!

  16. For something different, maybe it would be better if he started cutting from top and keeping the cock head and the urethra intact and then, split the two cavernosa and separating his urethra, making three pieces out of his cock.
    That’s cool.

  17. i think splitting in three pieces brings a problem with the urethra piece. The little swellbody around the uretra will not be erected anough and stable for inversing the pussy! With two halfs its no problem i can say through my own experinces. The only thing is a great advantege by e seperate third uretra cock: its able to pee good in standing!!! With two halfcocks i have always a little problem!

  18. wow, it’s amazing that things still work!
    it looks half male half female.
    Can someone else fuck him?
    (well you never know on this site)

    who the hell started all this stuff?

  19. I think for fuck the modified head is good! Because the snail will be arroused better because the rubbling in the snail is better. That’s is one of the most important facts for the intercourse. Like the cock looks, that the female snail doesn’t matter!

  20. I know that small cuts dont hurt at all I do it all the time feels so good mmmm

  21. I do not think I would be able to achieve an orgasm without the glans, or, it would take a long time. I understand modification, but removal of the most sensitive part of the penis seems horrifying. Although the majority of sexual pleasure is psychological, there are still nerves at work here. For women, this would be the equivalent of cutting off half their clitoris! I don’t think the question should be about length vs. harder/wider, but the enormous loss of pleasure!

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