23 thoughts on “Stomach Scars

  1. midiwife, you’re beautifull, but it does look like prignancy streachmarks to me 🙂

  2. Doesn’t look like pregnancy scars to me, because those scars match the ones on her arm, take a close look, you’ll see.

  3. They would be unusual stretchmarks considering most are vertical. I have my own pregnancy stretch marks and I know I didnt think of her beautiful scars as pregnancy stretch marks.

  4. see, i have my own, and mine are vertical. But I ADORE my stretch marks – hey I have two beautiful sons…

    I think her scars look fantastic and think her belly may be even more beautiful if she decides to birth a baby!

    So cool

  5. They look like self done. Some people do there own scarification without the emotional aspects of “self injury” who knows *shrugs* I find them very sexy.

  6. The “style” of those scars tell me they were self-done because of possibly self-hatred feelings or coping for a painful event in her life. They look almost barbaric – they are uneven, deeper/shallower in places and the wildly “flailing” pattern relays very strong emotion.

    I love scars like that, that have no particular logical patterns: its like a tiny peak into very long and arduous battles she’s faught in her life, and won. It seems to depict “war wounds”, the way a soldier would proudly boast medals given to her to represent the willpower and strength needed in life to survive.

  7. IG, those don’t look even remotely like pregnancy stretch marks. Or stretch marks in general. As whitewolf95 pointed out, most stretch marks are vertical, especially on the stomach.

  8. hekatesgal,I didnt mean for it the sound like I disliked my own stretch marks far from it actually. I have two wonderful sons that helped create those marks.

  9. Wow that’s pretty beautiful how confident she is showing off those scars, which look great by the way.

  10. oh, i didn’t take it that way, whitewolf95!

    its funny that some say they don’t look remotely like stretch marks because some of mine are like that.

  11. wow just read all the feedback(didnt realise there was any untill now) thank you so much! so wonderfull to hear such good things.and no they’re not stretch marks they’re scars from 5-6 years ago when i was going through a rough time,just growing up and trying to deal with being a hormonal teenager! i went through alot of different feelling with my scars but for a long time my feellings towards my scars have been positive i feel very proud of them as they always remind me of what iv been through and how i came out the otherside alive and well.that was the last time i self harmed,i have future plans for scarification but it will be a completely different experience and a completely different state of mind,a purely positive thing.cheers everyone and thanks shannon for putting me on modblog #BIG SMILE#

  12. I think it’s very, very pity to make scars in this wonderful body and skin! This skin only use for kiss and cuddle, lick and chewing!!!!!!!

  13. How can anyone say they are sexy and beautiful?? I find that very strange!!!

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