New world record from Russia?

In Russian martial arts, the fighting styles are designed to end the confrontation incredibly quickly and efficiently (and lethally). So it comes as no surprise to me that Timokhin Artyom and crew added a speed element and did 1,500 needles in one person in one hour. I’ve been thinking of machines I could build that could piercing 1,500 needles in a few minutes. Anyone feeling brave?

15 thoughts on “New world record from Russia?

  1. Amazing!

    I think I have a crush on the chick wearing the dr bme shirt. Cutie.

    At first I thought it looked like he ad glued green feathers to his leg and i was thinking ‘Russian bird man record… hmnn…’. I guess I should read the blog before sliding down to the pics huh.

    All I can now think is ‘needle stick’ when I look at how close all the needles are to each other.

  2. Вапщето Ñ?тому рекорду уже пол года!!!

  3. And for the guys and girls here that don’t read Russian that well: This record is actually half a year old.

    Proud the be Russian, heh (;

    I volunteer, btw..

  4. sooo… what’s the point of that. pretty destructive if you ask me. i mean i’m all for peircing and tattoos but you’re just putting holes in yourself for no reason. and risking serious infection and you won’t have anything to show for it. i don’t get it.

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