Surfave Weaving Heart Piercing

By Jason Romano at Biolab Piercing Studio in Houston, TX. He’s asked me to add that the heart is mis-shapen and unsymmetrical because it represents a battered heart.

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19 thoughts on “Surfave Weaving Heart Piercing

  1. at least if it is a cover up, at least its clever.
    and if its not a cover up- clever idea.
    mmmmm surface weaving

  2. Maybe once the heart was drawn out, the client changed their mind because it looked too perfect for the intended affect?

    As a side note, what’s the life of a piercing like this? If it’s looked after can it be permanent?

  3. Nah, if you look after it all you’ll do is see it reject. Surface weaving is tricky enough to heal with the proper placement, surface bars and the right skin. This just has too many piercings and is in a high movement area with awkward angles etc. As for the life, it depends on what you mean by that. If she leaves it in until it fully rejects out it will stay longer, if you take it out after a day to avoid rejection scars, it will only last a day. Definetly a play piercing though.

  4. it seems like she would almost get the same effect if she let it scar though, which would be just as cute.

  5. the customer asked for the mis- shapened heart….the lines that are still visible are from the original stencil……we changed it 4 times before it was what she liked…its not due to mis- piercing dumont……… my customer was very picky with this because it was representing a time in her life that was very hard for her…..shes not a tattoo person….loves piercings……so after some research and quite a bit of changes…this is what it became…the piercings are healing good but it was a play piercing…more of a spiritual idea for the customer. the material is PTFE and whether the criticism be constructive or not the main concern is that my customer is very happy with it. that was the goal and always will be the goal at our studio… please our customers.

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