How to make pancakes: Erebli’s Recipe

“My favorite pancake recipe”

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17 thoughts on “How to make pancakes: Erebli’s Recipe

  1. looks like he maybe tied off his cock first; probably why there is so much blood around it’s edge

  2. balls squished at the bottom of the clear plate, penis above it (very spread out from the squishing mind you). I don’t think his bits are going to be useable ever again but that’s likely the intention isn’t it? i just worry that the poor guy is gonna get blood poisioning or some other horrific thing. guess they don’t call it bme hard for nothing, lol

  3. No one ever made me wish I had a cock more than Erebli :) bless him!
    And attinoss, you should check out his Hard gallery. He’s done plenty of equally exciting stuff and no major harm has come to his genitals (even after barbecuing them!)

  4. Awesome. Only on Modblog would you get a comment along the lines of ‘I wish I had a cock so I could butcher it.’

    The pic reminds me of a squid… :/


  5. i’m still really confused…yeah,this is so hopeless because while i know what i should be seeing,i still can’t see it.

  6. Answer to some questions.
    1. The string, or small rope, was to pull the balls and hold them in place so they wouldn’t slip back.
    2. It wasn’t that painful. I went slow. BTW, I did get them down to less that three eights inch thick.
    3. I did not tie off the cock first.
    4. The balls returned to original size within 3 hours, and are still okay. In fact, I did a 1L saline infusion the next day. BTW, thanks to Veal, her statments are correct.
    5. For Sade, it is my balls looking up from the bottom, flattened to around three eights of an inch. My goal was to get them as flat as possible without bursting. I think that I could have gone for more, with more time. It took time, because I had to wait for them to get used to the pressure, then screw down more.

  7. God damn BME. At first I cringed, then I got intrigued. Right now I can’t stop staring at the picture. If I had some dope right now, I don’t know what I’d be doing…

  8. attinoss… blood poisonning from flattening himself? don’t think so… more like maybe necrotic and falling off if its there for very long… but.. infection..highly doubt it.

    … i just keep staring at it. its the first time i get a good glimpse at something like that and its really mesmerizing

  9. Again I say, It’s just my balls. Been doing more than that for years—-and everything works just fine. Of course I’m careful and know what I’m doing.

    I Love the comments.

  10. “My goal was to get them as flat as possible without bursting.”
    I can sort of understand the activity (probably would more if I had the relevant genitals) so I’m not insulting you when I say that that sentence made me laugh a lot.

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