"This too shall pass" tattoo

Tattoo (in progress) on pretty_pantyhead by Scott Campbell at Dragon FX in Edmonton, Alberta. You know, for such a heavy slogan implying tough times, she sure looks cheerful. I like the sort of late-sixties album cover lettering/font quite a lot.

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17 thoughts on “"This too shall pass" tattoo

  1. It’s no good, I’ll have to admit that I sometimes just read modblog for the gratuitous gorgeous people.

  2. this too shall pass is the name of the fold’s newest cd, wonder if its a coincidence

  3. It’s not just about tough times. It’s meant to remind you of ‘caution in times of good cheer’ as well. The whole double-edged meaning is why I like it, and once considered it as my first tattoo.

  4. yeah thats definatly me! i am so happy to be on modblog and really no body can ever read it right on the first try i ALWAYS get Christ..something something its funny i think because i am not religious at all. I pretty much just got it because like everyone i have had some pretty hard times and the saying has always brought me comfort. and its pretty cute i think. i am getting it finished sept 25th so i will be sure to post more pics :)

  5. One of my favourite sayings too – prone to bipolar episodes, and reminds me that equilibrium is rare! This high, this low… it”ll all change! :)

  6. The fold? Yeah, the coincidence is the fold are copycats trying to gain fame and profit from an ancient philisiphical quote dating back to king Soloman’s time. Whats going to be their next CD, ‘Fourscore and seven years ago’?
    Unoriginal Posers.

  7. I love it! I have this tattooed on my lower back! People also say this is an ironic place to have this saying but oh well, lol. my parents are goin through a nasty divorce, and this quote has gotten me through alot of it.

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