What I wake up to every morning

I’m talking about waking up to the realization that I’m lying on the floor, wearing only a hat. Sadly, I am not talking about the realization that I’m lying next to a pretty girl with great tattoos, ha.

Thanks again to Esotericus for the photo (tattoo by Brett Osborne who was at the time at PURE in Brooklyn, NY). See you all tomorrow with real posts and a BME update.

18 thoughts on “What I wake up to every morning

  1. Speaking of old tattoos…Shannon, I dropped you an email last week about a tattoo that was posted a long time ago, of a child’s handprint with the name “Gavin” across the top…no pressure on digging it out if you don’t know immediately where it is, but I am crossing my fingers since it’s 6 days to my tattoo appointment to get similar done. Possible?


  2. Does anyone remember how old her tattoo is? The coloring is great and I’m hoping that’s what color tattoos will look like when you get them done by a talented artist and take care of them properly.

  3. So let me answer some questions:
    I was tattooed by Brett in November of 2005.
    I stink pretty.
    I’m not italian, but I wouldn’t mind a lil Italian in me 😉

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