My friend Saira says I should be looking up photos of more handsome black men but I’m going to post this nice photo of Candice instead. My brother is visiting tomorrow so I think I may take a few days off posting (or at least I’ll lighten up and post just one or two things). See you then.

Oh, and you might have noticed I didn’t post tattoos here today. That’s because there’s a tattoo update on BME (and there will be more over the next few days), and for the more unusual of you, BMEvideo has a couple more pages of videos as well.

37 thoughts on “Candice

  1. I get the same feeling…Just one of those faces, I guess. :/

    Apparantly almost everyone knows someone that looks like me. It sucks.


  2. I know her 🙂 well sort of-ish – she works in the new Chrome in camden town. My girlfriend knows her better than me as she is working part time as a receptionist at Chrome currently. From the short time I met her she seems very nice! I’m sure she will be very chuffed with all the lovely comments!


  3. it seems the common word that pops into everyone’s mind here is “stunning.” justifiably, of course.

  4. I hate to say the same thing as everyone else but… wow.

    This is why I don’t mind that Shannon posts more BMEGirls than BMEGuys. 🙂

  5. I think she is currently advertising for Lloyds TSB Bank (UK) for their student accounts.

  6. Candice = wow.
    that’s about the only word i can think of
    other than stunning, gorgeous, beautiful. you get the idea!

  7. Ah! She’s the girl on the Lloyd’s TSB student bank account promotional material! I’ve wanted to know who the model is for ages! x

  8. She reminds me of sinead o connor when she was younger, minus the cool piercings of course 😉

  9. Honestly, why can’t we have more black people in general on modblog?
    I feel very left out.
    I feel like the minority lol
    Made a joke too.

  10. Well i am Candice and i would just like to say thank you to everyone for their beautiful comments, i really do appreciate it. I would like to give credit to the photographer that done my photo’s, James Day, he is really tallented. If anyone would like to see more of the photo’s he done you can view them on

    I model for UGLY modelling agency and its wonderful to be able to see people with modifications in advertising and to be able to be given the chance to maybe try and change peoples misconceptions of those that are different.
    Thank you all once again.

  11. hottest short mohawk i have EVER seen. i really really love it. and i envy the flawless skin 🙂

    good luck with your modelling candice.

  12. i think the celeb your looking for is gail porter
    she is an english actoress me thinks!
    this girl is much more beautiful though.

  13. I do not wish to sound creepy, but instead I intend this comment to be as endearing as possible. If I had a girlfriend who appeared exactly like you, and I died a week later, I would die more happy than if anything else ever happened to me.
    Candice, you fucking rock!

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