Forehead implants

I know that people have asked me to not post too many videos, and I’m trying to keep them fairly low in the mix, but I thought I’d also share with you this clip from Monkys Body Mods in La Serena, Chile of him doing a pair of central forehead implants at his studio/clinic.

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15 thoughts on “Forehead implants

  1. ow… ow… unless they used a numbing agent, she’s really good about handling pain. but i’m hoping they used one… i don’t know that much about it all.

  2. Nice procedure. A little more substerile than I’d have liked to have seen for that kind of procedure, but I expect that it was better than most shops where implants are done. A shame this stuff isn’t so mainstream enough that we can be doing it in more aseptic environments.

    Great result. I like it a whole lot.

  3. Why have people requested less videos? Maybe for internet connection reasons, however they are very informative and allow me to understand procedures and altered anatomy more thoroughly. So thanks.

  4. I echo Vanessa’s comments – more vids, please. It is often difficult to get a solid understanding of a particular body mod (and the physical repercussions thereof) through static images alone.

  5. Good vid, and the accompanying song fit well. I admit though, my forehead started to tingle when he inserted the raising tool.

  6. This is he first time i have seen this type of procedure been done, I have read about how the procedure is done though. However it seems to be very rough on the client. Especially the part when seperating the skin, then again what do i know 🙂 first time seeing it done.

  7. Thank you and I agree, videos really help me understand the prosedure and I love them.

  8. Wow, when you become numb to seeing all the pictures of some of these mods on this site, you almost forget how invasive some of these proceedures are.

  9. I cringed most of the way through that vid. Very interesting to see implantation done though, it’s not often I get to see the actual procedure.
    More vids please!

  10. I squirmed a little in my chair when he was shaking her head trying to created the pocket in her forhead. Aside from that, wicked video.

  11. Those who pay for BME hard/extreme access may not be too chuffed about procedural/hard vids being put up here for free 🙂


  12. penski, BME hard/extreme members don’t have access to videos. You have to get membership for which is a totally seperate thing.

  13. i for one think there should be more videos posted

    but this video was awesome
    something i haven’t been able to see yet

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