Post more guys!

Maybe I’ve been a bit heavy in the BMEgirls department and haven’t been posting enough guys. I think if I come out of the closet (dubius) as some people have suggested (falsely) is happening in January, at least you can probably make an educated guess as to what sort of look I’d hit on. Thanks to Neil Suarez for letting me steal a couple of pictures off his page.

(Tiger tattoo by Chris from Ink Wizard).

32 thoughts on “Post more guys!

  1. I think more black guys should get pierced, the contrast of silver on dark skin looks great. There is a black guy I’ve seen at alot of gigs (Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage, Roadrunner Roadrage Tour) who has alot of piercings – they look awesome!


  2. Very nice, and he has a lovely smile, too! 🙂

    And I agree spirited-away, jewelry on dark skin is very good looking.

  3. Oh sweet and holy…. shannon? Thank you for catering to (mostly) straight girls.

    This is… wow.

  4. Were you in nam? That’s a lot of shrapnel stuck to your nose, mouth, nipples… You look like a refrigerator with too many magnets.

    Why don’t people realize how stupid it looks to have metal hanging out of your nose holes?


    Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……….. a piece of him would totally be worth the trip 😛

  6. What a tall glass o’ water; now to find out if he is single *eyebrow wiggle*

  7. Uh uh, doesn’t look stupid at all; it looks very, very, very hot. And that smile, damn!

  8. Okay. so I’m not you’re type 😉 Come join MPOC (modified people of color), the link is on my iam:quotidianlight

  9. Thanks for the comments guys.. and uh. I actually tried joining the modifies people of color last week and for unspecified reasons the moderator doesnt want to let me in. Guess im not colorful enough to be in the forum, lol.

  10. NOW THEY WANT ME TO JOIN, lol. I guess they were just having problems before cause there new. The forum is pretty cool.

  11. Yes, we went members only due to an incident (involving racist language) in the forum and when I first went members only I could not figure out how to tell people to im me for inclusion. If anyone tried to join last week and couldn’t please im me so I can let you in.

  12. I’ll go with the majority vote here… very hot, gorgeous smile, don’t even mind that inexplicable young male tendency to show off underwear. 😉

  13. Hahaha, em. My mixed twins and I live in a pretty conservative white area and had there very first black male daycare worker. They were so happy to see someone besides themselves and one day they are in the back of the car talking with me easdropping in the front.

    “I can see his underwear”
    “well all black boys wear there pants like that”
    “I don’t show my underwear”
    “well you are only half black, when you get full black than your underwears will come out”

  14. oh goody goody,a person who looks like moi…well,ok,i’m not a man nor tattooed:(

    his mods are just an added bonus to his gorgeous-ness

  15. I agree that the silver jewelry goes so beautifully on dark skin. I’m seeing many more well-tattooed black men/people of many races actually and i think it’s great.

    QuotidianLight, that’s a wonderful little conversation. I giggled after reading it. so cute!

  16. Ink Wizard sucks, this is the best tattoo I’ve seen come out of that shop…
    and this guy is crazy.

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