"Safety" Pins?

If you use them safely…

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21 thoughts on “"Safety" Pins?

  1. That’s actually very asthetically pleasing, looking beyong the tetanus and the eroticism (not that the eroticism bothers me).

  2. I’ve noticed that the majority of the more ‘hardcore’ genital modifications that get posted on this site are on males. Is it just that females don’t do this kind of thing as much, or can you just do more with penis? Or are they just more interesting to look at? Just curious. :) Also, as one of those silly kids that pierced her ears with safety pins, I can say that unless they were sharpened before hand, that would HURT.

  3. Some body jewelry makers now make safety-pin jewelry, that presumably is at least a little safer than using regular old safety pins, which is what these appear to be.
    Looks fun!

  4. It took two days of checking back for it to finally click in my head what was going on in that picture. All I could think was – “it’s a real live crotch hot dog” when I figured it out.

  5. I’m not sure how much you can tell on the corrosion there… first, it’s grainy. Second, they were just shoved through flesh, they MAY have some blood on them. Finally, metal is reflective, and it’s surrounded by flesh… it could very well be reflecting the skin.

    I’m not saying it’s NOT corroded, I’m simply stating it’s impossible for us to determine that from this picture alone.

    And I believe you’re missing the point entirely, if all you do is focus on the tetnus possibility…

  6. I know they’re only temporary. I also haven’t missed the point (mmmm puntastic).

    I stood on a nail a few years ago – I’ve been *icky* with metal that doesn’t look sterile since…



  7. Corrosion isn’t so awful.
    A long time ago during spray-plays a needle is broken up in my left ball. The broken peace is healed in, i think – corroded also, and i have no problems until today!

  8. the orientation is not so importand. Importand are the good and hot feelings by such mod-games! You will have a thick sac without cock.

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