The trouble with taking out your labret is…

Let’s make today an all video day!

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19 thoughts on “The trouble with taking out your labret is…

  1. I used to love doing this when my labret was stretched (2g). Unfortunately, some gum erosion put an end to that.

    It’s been a good 2 years since I took it out and it still leaks from time to time.

  2. It’s the answer to that daft question almost everyone with lip piercings gets asked on a regular basis.

  3. Its way worse with a bigger labret, everything just falls and dribbles out, you cant even eat without it in without wiping spit after every bite.

  4. i love doing that with my labret. its most amusing on long coach journeys when your friends are sitting in front of you hehe. cool video.

  5. he just had a lot of water in his mouth… the hole isn’t huge… not a large amount of water is escaping as he does it

    really awesome video *thumbs up*

  6. redredred – install Flip4Mac and you won’t have any problem with the wmv files. ;-)

    great video by the way…. now i wanna see the same thing done with a larger gauge haha

  7. OMG I just got mine pierced recently. It still only dribbles tho. It doesn’t fountain like this does. I figure if I gauge it out to a 10 or 12, I can fountain. :shrug:

  8. I found that, for me, I could only do this once I got to 8ga, and it worked better at 6ga. It’s a pain to do though; dropping a ball in the middle of a crowded bar sucks. You can also blow smoke out of larger labret piercings, but that leaves a really unpleasant taste in your mouth for some reason.

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