Redhead or Brunette?

Star tattoos by Shipwreck Tattoos (Pete), Inkstitution (Errol), and Toe Tag Tattoo (Marcus), in Rotterdam on Brite_Suicide.

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32 thoughts on “Redhead or Brunette?

  1. Brunette. The makeup and lighting make a huge difference too, but she looks much sexier in the second picture.

  2. Regardless of her hair color…she’s probably the reason 18 year old chicks keep coming into my shop wanting three stars on their chest/hip/etc. Sooooo unoriginal.

  3. I find that bit offensive Fury. I’m a 19 year old ‘chick’ and my next tattoo will most likely be a series of bold star outlines. It’s sad to me that is seen as unoriginal or too mainstream, or just done for the kewl11lolz type factor that most people pin on people who choose to have uncomplicated ink.

    I adore stars as do a shitload of people; but theres only so many ways you can portray them if, like me, you don’t like colour or high detail work on yourself.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love original and vibrant work on others but with my obsessive compulsive disorder I just couldn’t live with something so detailed on mine. So I happen to LOVE clean black outlined work with my skin as the colouring.

    A comment like yours coming from a tattooist of all people is just the thing that makes me apprehensive about going to a shop and asking for my stars.

  4. I’m going to have to agree with Helena here. I’d add more but she pretty much said it all.

    Oh…and brunette, but only because the cut is nicer.

  5. To be fair, Shauncey Fury has a totally valid point.

    Personally I think they look good. I’d prefer some originality though. Too many dumb kids have stars, and it’s becoming a status symbol of mainstream “cool”ness. Which is a shame really.

  6. The reason that many people get star tattoos is that many people think they look good. End of story.

    It’s true though that they can be a bit ‘cookie cutter’ or cheap if not done nicely.

  7. WEll, i love 18 year old girls with stars. and no its not original. But i have 16 stars.. ONLY stars, and dont go for the whole new skool look to add up with my SO COOL stars.

    I like rainbowbrite.. what can i say..
    SYNDEl, you rule!!

  8. Oooohh, I love the red hair!!! That’s the kind of color I want to die my hair. Oh, and I love the tats i’ve been thinking of getting hearts myself.

  9. welll that pinky redishy colour is awful on anyone you luk stunning as a brunette and in future go for an auburn instead of an actualy REDDD!!!!!!

  10. both hot. i think a mix of both would be sweeeet. the dark looks healthier tho.
    also i gotta say somethin cuz i have a star tattoo *blush*…i realize why people think stars and other classic symbols are not original, cuz alot of ppl hav them. but the truth is the star is an ancient symbol, perhaps one of the most ancient symbols in our civilization, it has many meanings and is important in the ancient and modern cultural mythology of our world. there are so many reasons why someone would want a star tattoo, if its 5 pointed or 8 or 7 pointed or 6 pointed. symbols have alot of power and tattoos are symbolic. but yeah i guess some ppl might get stars because there is a bit of a trend right now and i can see how as a tattoo artist you would get sick of it.
    the only tattoos that do bum me out are when someone just gets some really baddd scratching done from some guy in a basement with a home-made machine.

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