Steel Cable Skewers

Very intense! Thanks to Alive and MZD and Circle 23 Productions at the Vorpal Space in Portland, Oregon for sending this.

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20 thoughts on “Steel Cable Skewers

  1. haha cider…but seriously, I don’t even want to think about what that felt like. I would pay money to know what the unknowing passerbys looking in the window (background) were thinking.

  2. Man, that first photo…. the awesome grin accompanying a brutal looking skewer job. Love it!

  3. I was at that opening with friends and it was unbelievably amazing. When they were done with the demonstration proper (with the stretching of the cables and the flexing), the artists declared him part of the exhibit and he carried on for another hour (it was only about a 20 minute demonstration) just hamming it up for those in attendance (and many who just poked their head in and promptly high-tailed it out of there).

    It was decidedly more interesting than your usual, fairly boring, First Thursday gallery opening.

  4. I’ve talked to blue about this before…and as I remember he told me that cable is MUCH more comfortable than hooks! Makes me want to try it someday…

  5. Hey Slick..
    its not nice to write things most people dont understand.
    her’s the english ver.
    Я в шоке!!!!! (I’m shocked!!!!!)
    Это круто!!!! (That’s cool!!!!)
    Он Тру!!!! (He’s *didnt understand, pronounced “true”*)

  6. “i have such sights to show you!”

    “we have an eternity, to know your flesh!”

    can anyone say – “the cable guy” ?

    it would be interesting if future developments make them permanent, or more than just temporary.

  7. Safety question: is this a coated cable? I’ve seen cable that were coated with some kind of plastic, and I could see that as being kinda safe, short term, except for the cut ends. Maybe I’m a stick-in-the-mud, but I’d be paranoid about getting the piercing points horribly contaminated.
    That said, it’s very interesting, aesthetically. The way that the cables have stretched the skin on the underside of his arm make the arm look almost like strands of rope.

  8. Doesn’t Тру= tri= three? Haha, never mind, my Russian sucks :(
    The first photo is insane- at first I thought they had removed all the skin and you could see muscle. :P

  9. to answer number 15
    the Cable is plastic coated and it was autoclaved the cable ends fit into the needles when piercing so the piercing points never come into direct contact with the cable ends. oh hey shannon, its Circle23 Photography i thought productions might confuse people so i wanted to make sure you knew

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