Very intense testicle play video

I’ve posted some very intense videos here before (and of course there’s the massive repository of similar ones on BMEvideo), but I really want to emphasize to people that even if you’re steeled to this sort of thing, this particular video may be a little heavy. I’m posting it here because I was asked about what caused the damage in a previous entry on genital splitting.

I did want to add though that I’ve seen his balls since that photo was posted and he’s already looking much healthier. Again, adults only and viewer discretion strongly advised.

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52 thoughts on “Very intense testicle play video

  1. Hard.Core. I’d be interested to find out why he chose that particular ball to attack and not the other ;)

  2. i thought it was going to be worse than that! i wonder what that feels like. i dont want to try it myself, but i’m sure it’s an intense sensation.

  3. Rams, what are you watching them with? This particular one at least is a .wmv, which means you have to watch it with Windows Media Player. (It’s possible that other media playerds can play them too, but I don’t think so. If you don’t run Windows it’s probably less than easy to find something that’ll play them.)

  4. That video was a lot easier to watch than most of the other stuff I have seen you post. I truly cannot understand why you think it’s so bad. I was expecting to be shocked, and instead was kind of bored and very disappointed.

    No accounting for differing opinions, I suppose.

  5. well,maybe it didn’t really do anything for me because i’m so used to this kind of thing on BME,or maybe it’s because it’s no worse than what i’ve done to myself…for different reasons though.

  6. Yeah bit of an anti-climax, i was expecting a splooge or something at the end.

    Anyway…..congratulations on your charred ball, doesn’t really do much for me though.

  7. Jeez, one of you try and hold a flame that close to ANY part of your body for that long. Let alone your genitals!

    And don’t focus so much on the cumshot. It’s how you get there that’s most of the fun ;)

  8. I believe he will be a eunuch very soon. The more you do things like this, the greater the need to do even more bizarre things. Castration is the next big thing for him. Everything looks a mess, might as well get rid of it.

  9. I have to say that after watching the clip that it didn’t really bother me much at all. Ive seen far worse on BME that’s made me grimace. Mabe after so much CBT, he has a very high tolerence to pain.

    I would however be interested to understand what makes him want to self torture like this.

  10. OMG I totally see the face in his nut at the end. Maybe he was trying to smoke out whoever that is in there?

  11. i saw the face :-D

    and seems to be the warmth would be nice and the occasional burn wouldnt be that bad…

    but overall- thats a lotta burnin.

  12. thank you very much to everyone who said something about the face, i had to
    watch it again and grab my crotch once more in pain.

  13. After watching this video I can’t help wanting to eat some roasted nuts. I guess his balls will itch a bit while healing :D
    Very cool.

  14. Oh Shannon, don’t you know that posting a warning like that is just more incentive for us to watch it? I was originally going to skip over it because my computer’s slow, but it wasn’t that bad to view. Then again I don’t have balls.

  15. didn’t seem that bad, but then I’m a chick.. he had nice fingernails though–I did notice that much–for a guy…

  16. I very recently had to take out the oldest piercing on my body, my 00 gauge frenum. The scar that it’s left on my penis sickens me. Not so much because of it’s appearence, but more so because I remember how beutiful it used to look.

    Watching this video almost made me vomit, simply because it reminds me of how great my penis used to look. strange, because i didn’t even really have a reaction to what I saw on the video. It more so made me reminiss, than disgust me.

  17. Okay, well, girls…
    imagine holding a lighter around your clit.
    Not the hood, but directly on the clitoris.
    For half a second, you’re like “huh, not so bad.”
    Next second? “ohmygod, my genitalia is on fire.”

  18. I thought I would be the only one who saw the face!

    Hmm, trying to burn out something in there? Not inconceivable. I think I read somewhere that there are cultures which exorcise demons through ordeals.

    Is there a cultural anthropologist in the house? Maybe a shaman?

    As far as intense, well, yeah, I guess. I have done some light, blistering fireplay, but not to the 3rd degree. As far as stomach churning type stuff, though flame doesn’t do it for me. Flame always seems kind of clean and purifying, cauterizing.

    Now amputations on the other hand… that makes me wince down to my spine.

  19. Okay, while I’m sure it would hurt like hell, balls are not the equivilent of a clitoris. At all! The clit is insanely more sensitive.

  20. I got bored! But I kinda had a sickening thought – imagine how that thing smelt…

  21. That’s a ridiculous thing to say: the ovaries are internal organs, and as such one is not aware of them, much less any feeling there. Any pain would be felt as a sort of delocalized lower stomach pain. They might be the equivalent of testicles in the reproductive sense, but certainly not in regard to feeling.

  22. Well when you get a video of someone doing that Allahkat, make sure you share with the rest of us ^_^ Because we all know that a lil difficulty just means more rewards at the end.

  23. I am not a member of your ‘crowd’ so I am completly at awe and wonder WHY? why do you feel the need to do these things to yourself? I truly am curious, not judgement.

  24. what a mess he’s made of his bollocks.
    it’s a fascinating and strange thing in someone’s mind, to WANT to do anything like this.
    I wonder how close any “mutilation” is, from an ear peircing and lip piercing, which I’ve had – IS – to doing something like this.
    I can’t understand it, but it did make me fancy a pasta and tuna bake.
    And a cum shot would be great, at least so I can see what used to be his cock. Can he have sex?
    (I like this site though, no mamby pamby bastards in here!)

  25. That wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be.Id like to see a dude who can place his ball in a vice and self press them in to splatterted pancakes., ofuck I guess the hard part about all these post is trying to graps the whys besides the obviuos factors of the wants . Heseemed to be taking it rather well his body wasnt twitching and moving about a facail shot of serenity would have been cOol

  26. Boy o boy don’t know how you handled the pain They say third degree burns kill the nerve. I noted that it looked about ready to eat. Call me when it is done to a turn

  27. Ummm what a fucking asshole! I thought I had the problem.
    I don’t know what my problem is but I have this need for my wife to grab m y balls during sex and squeeze nearly to the point of hurting me. To the point of being tender for 3 to 4 days.
    Like when she’s on top, when I am about to get off or if she is ready to finish she will reach back and take ahold of me and pull and squeeze and I want to die from the pleasure! That’s just got to be wrong on some level. But burning my scrotum? I don’t fucking think so!

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