I am so predictable.

I am pretty much 100% sure that both AngelinPayn (the photographer) and Tina (the model) and Swirly (the piercer, at Dragon’s Lair Tattoos in Brisbane, Australia) knew this corset play piercing would end up on ModBlog!

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49 thoughts on “I am so predictable.

  1. I suddenly really want someone to make a corset between my arms and my sides. That is powerful.

  2. I’ll get flamed to hell and back for this but…I hate cod-’sultry’ pouts that make girls look like they’re slightly monged.

    I blame the internet…And the parents…And homosexuals…And left-wing apologists…And Tom Cruise.


  3. I have to agree with *n here. As beautiful as this girl is, and as nice as those play piercings are; the “mouth breather” look is not alluring.

    P.S I like the panties!

  4. That isn’t a “mouth breather” look…thats just the way her mouth is. Go check her page at all her pix…She didn’t HAVE to pose very much for these pix.

  5. Predictable, but thousands of men, and a fair amount of women also I am sure, thank you for it.

  6. While the “mouthbreather” might distract from the appeal to some. It’s not the pout alone that makes this look incongruous. It’s the stretch marks with the juveline styled makeup and pout that make it look incongruous.

  7. I think she’s lovely as well. And – all I’ve got to say is “What stretch marks?” I really didn’t see any.

  8. moddoctor – What is so inappropriate about my photo..?

    I’m proud of each and everyone of my not so noticable stretch marks..

    The photographer’s didn’t want an “overdose of make up”.

    I’m not sorry for not fitting the stereotypical ‘Cosmo’ or ‘Cleo’ girl look, I have many imperfections that i adore..

    Anyway this was discussed over the last few modblogs i have been on..

    Thanks ‘a’ for the compliment.. :)

  9. very hott!!! (the piercings and tina)
    i also see no stretch marks

    i love how they’re like wings :)

    id really like to see a picture from the back

  10. Do some people just not realize that the person in the picture actually reads the comments about them or are they just that disgustingly mean?

  11. Oh teeena how could youse show a pic of youseself on the net wiff all thosesses tatts….. Thiz photo offends me! … hahahah , silly peoples

    looking fine and dandy mizz tina

    WOOT @ 100th time on moddy blog , heheh

    love @ youse all!!
    (wiff bellz on!!)

  12. i would have like to see how it looked with both arms out. maybe from the back if she didn’t want to show her breast.
    also if you put photos of yourself on the internet people are going to have something to say. good and bad.

  13. Severed – meh, we don’t have to find her attractive. It’s perfectly reasonable to say something like ‘she looks like she resents being photographed and that’s not sexy’.
    Bluey – yeah…eh, noone objected to all thosesses tatts. That doesn’t generally happen on BMEzine. I believe the first disparaging comment was about her face. You, um, well, you’re an eejit. No offense.

    I’m aware she doesn’t resent being photographed.

  14. Oh ffs. Not another Tina-related flamefest.

    Tina is hot. Tina, you’re hot. End of story.

  15. hahah some people just dont get life…….seem i have to spell it out to you “AshPlant”…….. my point was ….if sad people with nothing better to do than comment negitivly about someone not smiling they shouldent bloody comment at all!!!!

    Silly me being an “eejit” I fort most people on IAM would get my sence of humor (my comment being so stupid its just funny)… but being the world we live in I guess not…..

    I hope you have a most wonderfull full life “Ashplant” NO OFFENCE….


  16. I see stretch marks… But I dont know why people make such a big deal about them! People go out of their way to become scarred yet they cant handle stretch marks. They are a way of life. The corset looks really great.

  17. tinaxo- first off, i used the word incongruous. That’s not the same as inappropriate at all. I like the photo over all and ultimately like the pouty look, but was trying to pin down what others were finding not quite right about the pic. It’s an unusual aesthetic to have so young a face and yet carry such outward signs of bodily maturity at least in this day and age. Keep in mind that doing cosmetic medical work, it’s often my job to create exactly this look. Well, not so much the corset, but the facial youth…you get the idea…

  18. All I can say is;

    Fuck you all!!!

    Tina Rocks! And anyone hiding behind the anonymoty of the internet, are just pussy fucktards.
    I dare you to say this kind of stuff to her face; you couldn’t.
    You would all be a blubering mass of impotence.

    I guess its true about jealousy. Don’t deny it.
    The only people with objections to beauty are people with thier own agenda.

    She owns you all.
    Don’t think I worship dear Chrissy – I’d just like to see you try beter than being whiny little emo cunts.

    End rant.

  19. Stretch marks, like any other EARNED scar are lovely to behold and I laud the publisher that they werent photoshopped out of existence. Kudos to you, fair Tina.

  20. Tina is hot. And she’s kind. And awesome. I would pump my load into her any day and eat it out.

  21. I feel a little like i’m getting flamed for what was a carefully worded observation, not a criticism. We talk about all kinds of stuff in the comment threads here and to point out what I thought was an interesting dichotomy gets the blood boiling apparently. Read the comment people don’t presume that it tears down or read in an intonation that clearly isn’t there. Seriously. Shutting up now.

  22. I feel a little like I’m getting flamed for disagreeing. Which is why one gets flamed, oh yeah. Emo, hah. I actually think that Tina is thoroughly gorgeous, and I would just break down in tears in she was smiling (i)as well(/i). So there.

    Imagining her pregnant is also sexy.

    And Neon Charge, you’re just as anonymous as us. I would be less anonymous, but the IAM accounts don’t take Switch, so I lost the privilege.

  23. k, this is a little late but, Tina I’m sorry for offending you with previous comments I made. That really wasn’t my intention. I’ve got no beef with you or any other girl on modblog for that matter.

    I tried to keep my mouth shut because I don’t know how to say anything without making things worse. Unfortunately I won’t apologize for absolutely all the things I said, just the way I said them. I’m sorry. But some of the above comments reaffirm my opinion that modblog can sometimes be a hostile place and that all women are held to an unrealistic standard.

    I guess I misunderstood. Maybe all these people are her friends and they are just teasing. To the people who don’t know her, the negative comments about stretch marks (which frankly I don’t really see), make-up, and the pout, all come across as insults. I feel that maybe that alienates some women because why would they want to post their pictures if they know that some people are all too eager to point out their flaws. That was my only point. I’m not attacking girls who pose, girls who are thin, or pretty, or girls who feel they don’t fit the ideal.

    Sorry Shannon, I know it’s your site and you are more than welcome to delete all my comments.

  24. i don’t see the stretchmarks…
    and that annoys me.
    because just about every girl you ever post is tiny and cute, and it’s like a cosmo for the modified.

    the more i see your posts (like the one of the girl’s ear…that happened also to include her breast? ) yes, they are beautiful pictures, but i think there are probably equally beautiful images of girls with curves or visible stretchmarks…

    it’s your blog, so you’re certainly free to post all the petite pouty girls you want, but every time i see posts like this, i just feel more sad for the modded society, and how it is mirroring everything you all claim to hate.

  25. oh deary fuck!

    this never ever stops amusing the ass off me.

    fist off…i was there,there most definately ARE stretchmarks.
    second off tinas mouth always looks like its upside down.
    third off…noone seems to give a shit about the fact she didnt wince/flinch/jingle/etc getting some tender spots peirced…OR infact that theres even piercings in the shot anymore.

    seems like its just become and excuse to winge whenever an attractive chick is stuck up here!

  26. I don’t think Tina wants to be the poster girl for this issue. And she shouldn’t be. Some day I’ll learn to keep my mouth shut.

    For the record, it’s a neat variation on corset piercing

  27. First up.. Thank you for everyone who has said such positive comments and sent me supporting IM’s…

    It saddens me that in a community that supposedly prides itself in acceptance and supporting those around them, that I’m picked apart like it was my intention to submit a photo to BME and have it selected for Modblog for everyone to tell me my faults..
    I know I have stretchmarks.. I’m damn proud of them.. I couldn’t help getting a pregancy condition called ‘Odema’ which caused me to gain half my body weight in fluid in 9 months..
    I have the most amazing daughter from it…
    And my ‘cod mouth’ is mostly caused from when I was 10 years old, being tripped at school and landing face first into concret steps and splitting my lip open.. causeing my lip to have scar tissue…

    But these scar’s (or deformity’s) are apart of me forever!
    I don’t choose the road of hateing them because they are imperfect and don’t match a certain critiera of ‘beautiful’ ..
    I embrace them, I only have this life to live.. I’m not going to waste it on silly hang ups of body insecurities.

    Why I am explaining myself, fucks me..

    But seriously, while your negetive comments only push me to stand up for myself even more… The Positive one’s are just cementing why I love BME/IAM so much!

    The End.

  28. Thanks for the positive comments on the actual photo. My first shoot with professional gear…this is only the first of many more to come! This is definately not the last you’ll see of Miss Tina! :)

  29. i’ve enjoyed all the pictures of tina! this set, and the previous with the askewed back corset, are intriguing.
    as for the stretchmarks…i don’t see any. but even so, in a community that applauds scarification, modification, and sometimes even mutilation, how can anyone find fault in this? carrying a child and giving birth is a HUGE body modification, stretch marks or not. tina should wear them like a badge of honor. :)

  30. on a sidenote, it would be a neat idea (i think) if the ribbon were longer, maybe even wider…to do a set resembling angel wings. i don’t know, i imagine it would be very pretty.

  31. That’s really pretty… Actually I first noticed the pants… they’re pretty too.
    The ironic thing is, many “normal” women would pay large amounts of money to gain a mouth like that, whereas you gained it from an actual life experience. It’s not far-fetched to say that stretch marks might become fashionable – I mean, it is fashionable now for celebrities to be badly emaciated! – and women will be paying through the nose for fake stretch marks.
    The conflict seems to lie between wearing your life on your face and body – stretch marks, scars, wrinkles etc. – which the mainstream media certainly does not encourage, but modified people certainly do – for example, tattoos and scars commemorating important experiences, and look how many people were commenting positively about someone’s laughter lines a few posts back.

  32. um, ok 1 she’s beautiful
    and 2 wow a woman with stretch marks!! oh snap someone get this rubbish off my screen!
    …its called reproduction kids and dont ya think getting a CHILD in return for it is damn well worth it!
    bit of thought wouldn’t go astray.

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