Even More Corset Piercings

Thanks to Sean Dowdell at Club Tattoo in Mesa, AZ for sharing these pictures from a recent photoshoot. There are more in this week’s BME piercing update (they’re not posted yet; they’ll go up probably on Thursday).

Other than that, I’m back in single-father mode so I may have to switch to posting every second day or posting a little less here because I have less spare time. Sorry! But don’t worry, Lane and other contributors have got things ready to go as well.

22 thoughts on “Even More Corset Piercings

  1. i love the one on the right.. actually both… soo incredibly hot too.. looove them! *jealous*

  2. Ooooo, i think i see a bit of a pout 😉

    We were contemplating doing the leg corsets on Tina, but went for something a bit different.
    You’ll be seeing more of Tina, don’t worry! 🙂

  3. i love the leg ones.. i love them both actually. im thinking of getting double corset piercings on my back when im old enough and the legs.

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