So a man walks into a bar with a 12" pianist…

I hear every time someone stretches their nuts to a foot long, an angel gets its wings.

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20 thoughts on “So a man walks into a bar with a 12" pianist…

  1. Is he in a tool shed or garage?

    and the next question to lead on from that would be; Is he using a block and tackle or and endless chain winch for that?

    I wish I had a Garage…

  2. FUCK i didn’t know balls got that purple, haha thats awesome.
    This picture makes me want to look for something really heavy to tie to mine right now.

  3. thats pretty intense pulling there.. would be scared of calling on necrosis doing that (or maybe thats desired..)

  4. I didn’t photoshop the purple in, but it may seem darker in the picture because of the level change. I think it’s just temporary and nothing go worry about (although if it’s like that all the time that’s not a good sign). But to the best of my knowledge it’s perfectly healthy when not stretched to its limit.

  5. Is all that stretching permanent? I’d love to get some excess scrotal skin for another modification.

  6. The tubes that run from the testes to the penis are quite stretchy. Impact is more likely to damage them then a simple stretch. And lets be clear, this person did just go from nothing to this overnight. They would have ripped off. Its more likely that they have been stetching them for some time and just have that much length-in which case the body would just add tissue like shannon said, much in the same way as piercings stretch. Its all just tissue.

  7. OMG that is very bright purple……….I would be concerned about permanent damage to his testicles from lack of blood supply……… long does one leave it stretched like that?

  8. well, i’m that guy and don’t worry about the purple — it’s temporary.

    shannon should be putting two j/o videos of me into bmevideo, so you’ll see everything’s in fine working order even if those little swimmers got to swim a little further

    [email protected]

  9. Just curious on how much extra skin is made by the stretching? Is it similar to when an overweight person loses a lot of weight and has excess skin that must be cut off? I am intersted in penile/flap inversion surgery and could use the extra skin. My ballsac is currently very small. Anyway, love the color of the balls, and it looks like a lot of fun!

  10. it’s a good stretched ballsac!
    I can only dream about such a long ballsac. As a young gay i had shorted my ballsac – now i’m working on its stretching, perhaps for a later splitting!

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