Needles Not Guns

Deejay Grantmyre and Brock Bassels at Perfect Image in Wasaga Beach doing a double ear piercing on one of their youngest customers.

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41 thoughts on “Needles Not Guns

  1. The poor girl looks like she’s in hell, but thank god her parent/s are doing things the right way. I was about that age when I got my ears done and suffered the gun. When I was 15, I took my mom back to a real piercing studio and showed her the right way…lol

  2. Awww, she’s probably expecting it to hurt loads. It’s rather endearing to see a tandem piercing done for it, just get ‘er done all in one shot. I’m so happy to see that at least some parents take their kids to the right place.

  3. I have personally done a few ear piercings on young children and it’s really great to see parents doing the right thing, opposed to taking them to the mall and having it done with a gun. I bet the little girl is more intimidated by the piercers though. She looks so scared. It’s kind of funny.

  4. smurf: it happens. My youngest has been 10 but that’s partly because I want to be sure the kid wants the piercing and much younger than that it’s hard to tell whether they do.

  5. I’ve pierced quite a few younger kid’s earlobes, and generally they’re pretty cool with it – and by younger I mean 7 or 8, not like little little kids. That little girl looked really freaked out, poor love! :)

  6. Good for her parents! I wish that my mom knew better when it came to me (3 years old w/ gun). Lol, thought that it was an actual gun too! Man, I was a sadistic little kid…

  7. *aww* poor girl- BUT perfect that her parents know the best way to get lobes done: by piercing them! no gun- thats perfect.

  8. aww, poor girl. at least she’s getting it done right by professionals instead of some random teenager in claire’s with a gun. i wish my mom had the sense this girls parents had. i had my lobes done with a gun at the mall when i was five years old. they didnt know what they were doing. the gun actually got STUCK in my ear. as in, when they shoved the earring through, the gun locked up, and the girl who was doing it LET GO of the gun. so it was hanging from my ear. yeah. thats safe.

  9. Aww, she looks terrified! My own daughter’s had her lobes pierced with needles twice in each lobe. I have to say, although she was scared she hid it a lot better :P

  10. Oh my.. At least this girl will have great lobe piercings that will prolly won’t do any problems to her. {unlike with holes done by a gun}

    This pain will be worh it.. :)

    Poor girl though :P

  11. Aw, those guys are just big kittens… I used to live in the Beach and that studio (studios, they have 2 in the area) is one of the best. Poor kid is just expecting the worst… :(

  12. i wish my first lobe pirceing was done like this. instead my mom had some niegbor guy hold an ice cube on my ear and shove a safety pin through to make the hole.

  13. i just wanted everyone to know that i had to talk her mom out of the GUN and in to the proper way to do it
    And the after pictures are great of her smiling

  14. I felt like a pretty shitty person when I first saw this picture after we pierced that girl!

    Although I’m glad her mom brought her in to get it done in a safe and sanitary fashion.

    I have a lot of respect for that girls mother, she waited until her daughter was old enough to say “I want my ears pierced”

    P.S. We’re no kittens! Hahahaha.

  15. I took my goddaughter to a piercer for her first lobe piercings and she’s 9. He did a fabulous job with her and her ears *never* got infected. Her mom commented as we were leaving that the piercer was more sanitary than their family doctor!

  16. awww poor chook. i make that face everytime i get a piercing, but i think i made that face x 10 when i got my first piercings – gunned ear lobes at age 7. it definitely hurt way more by guns.

    props to the parents, and i hope she got a lollipop afterwards for being so brave.

  17. I got mine done by a scary hair dresser in a dodgy hair salon when i was 6.. her fingernails were like an inch long and she didn’t wear gloves or wipe anything… worst infection EVER, had to have a doc cut the studs out..!

    then got them done again with a gun at a chemist when i was 10….i just didn’t know better, I wish my mom took me to a piercer :(

  18. yay parents for that. Im glad they did it the right way!

    I remember my parents being uptight and not letting me get my ears pierced for my 16th birthday. They said, I could do it, that they’d take me into walmart. I freaked out and begged them to let me go to a shop. I had done research about six months before, and found proof about how bad gun piercings are. I tried so hard, but they said gun or none at all. Sooo.. I did it, and the gun got caught on my ear(it hurt) and I still have problems with them). (too bad they know NOW, but they have a 3 year old, and if they let her get her ears pierced, she’ll get it by PIERCERS, not mall or wal mart employees.

    That’s my stand,

    but that picture’s so sad… hehe awww..

  19. Please, explain to me what is the deferent’s between the two? When I was a little girl and had it done with a gun.
    The back of the earring had my ear and we had to have it
    cut off. And I am thinking about getting a another piercing.
    If it hurt that Angel. I will not have it done

  20. Awww, poor thing. :P She’s in a good shop though, Perfect Image is the only shop I go to for everything I get done. Really high quality work.
    Props to her parents for sure for going to the right place and a good place.

  21. well i am glad she is taken to the right place…… i had the gun used and my ear swelled and then a few years later realized they werent suppose to use a gun up in the cartilege… because at that time i took it out and had the other ear done up in the cartilege adn the same thign happened and i thought it was my ears until years later i was told i needed to have it done with a needle and not the gun.

  22. I had mine done with a gun also, that was maybe 8 years ago they have never settled down.
    Massive infection, and still a large lump in one ear lobe, wish I had gone and had it done properly with a needle. Guess I didnt know any better at the time. Even now I have only got to put an ear ring in at slightly the wrong angle, blood, infection swelling (:

  23. I had my first set of lobes done at about six or seven at the back of a rather dodgy looking jewelers with a gun. I was lucky, they are even and i never got infected.
    My 2nds i had done about four years ago now, done in a “piercing studio” with a gun, by a guy wearing gloves etc. Problem was, he didn’t wipe my ears down at all, and the gloves he used on me were the ones he’d used on my cousin seconds earlier. Massive infection! I had pus running from the wounds and had to bathe them every couple of hours in a salt solution. It was very painful and once the infection cleared, to add insult to injury, it turned out they weren’t level, and it was extremely obvious. I took them out, let them heal over and never had it re-done.
    I’m now considering getting a slightly more unusual piercing, but i’m still deciding what, i’ll be damn sure to go to a reputable piercer next time.

  24. Hi I just wanted to say that having my ears done (both sides bottom and left top) with a gun hurt less than my snake bites done with needles. Also my ear peircings and pretty much perfectly level tho my snake bites are wonky ones at least a centimeter higher than the other and the one is practically on my lip

  25. i got mine done with needles, my mum had hers done by her mum when she was little with a nail and a potato. she said it was gross, and i refused the gun so she took me to a shop

  26. I had my lobes pierced with a gun when I was 3…scared the shit out of me…DAMN PARENTS FOR NOT KNOWING BETTER!!

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