What, this isn’t how you sleep?

Thanks to Lefrog for this shot of Namesofthedead‘s 8-point static suspension by House of Wah and Constant Elevation. It’s interesting — finally after about three decades, rigging techniques pioneered by Stelarc and honed by groups like TSD are finally becoming more common. Not that there’s anything wrong with a simple back suspension, and I think for most people that’s the better way to go — but for art’s sake, I just love this style of rigging.

13 thoughts on “What, this isn’t how you sleep?

  1. Wow! That’s a beautiful photo. I love how the see-through fabric in the foreground almost makes it seem like you’ve just walked in on this private scene!
    The shadow it makes is quite interesting too, it’s like she’s just naturally floating.

  2. The rigging is absolutely amazing. The angle, the balance, the poise, the diffusion of the light through the drapes, that wonderfully stark shadow, it’s wonderful!

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