Louisa’s 66mm Lobes

You’ve seen her on the BME cover before I think, but I just had to share another photo — so cute! Anyway, have a good weekend everyone. I know I always say I’m not going to post, but then end up posting anyway, but I may not post much until later next week because my daughter starts school then and I think I’ll be quite busy until in the interim!

23 thoughts on “Louisa’s 66mm Lobes

  1. i’m so jealous, as my lobes aren’t quite as large… and she is quite beautiful also… simply scrumtious, yummers

  2. Wow! She is adorable!

    Not many (men or woman) can pull off being cute with that big lobes and nostrils, but she sure is doing it!

    Am I the only one who feels like cuddling her like a teddy bear? lol.

  3. she’s so adorable! my ears aren’t as gauged, and they definitely don’t look as good as hers. im jealous, but still, awwwwwww!

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