OK, I admit that I faked this Polaroid from Jayme, but I was wondering if people reading this still have instant cameras? If anyona does, and feels like sending me a photo that I can post here, I’ll send you a nice big sticker pack in return. (Oh, and my address if you don’t already have it, at least for the next nine months or something, is Shannon Larratt, 2545A Dundas St W, Toronto ON, M6P1X6 Canada).

Oh, I almost forgot — tattoos by Brent Pattern at Forever Tattoo in Sacramento, CA.

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14 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. polaroid film expires quicker than other types of film, so stores rarely keep it stocked for very long., i’ll say this, dumpster diving is just as much fun now as it was in highschool, haha. sometimes you might get a pack that is a little expired and when you finally use it, it comes out with some pretty neat ‘effects’ and looks really fucking artisitic. i recommend corporate, big-business drugstores like cvs or walgreens(at least here in the states.) ..both stores in most places, by the way, are incredibly easy to steal from(if you’re not into the idea of diving,) what with the unwatched customer restrooms and such. ..just remember, polaroid film has a sensor tag inside the box, so make sure you leave that part behind.

  2. haha…you live right by my grandparents Shannon! I have polaroid film, but no camera. I love the way the pictures look though. :-] such a lovely girl.

  3. I gotta say that I don’t really care about polaroid film. It has and will always look terrible, but I think that the real point is that is probably one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. There is nothing hotter than a pretty lady with an arm sleeve.

  4. I have cameras (I collect them) and plenty of film, but no pretty girl to take pictures of. Alas, there’s always a piece of the puzzle missing.

  5. i sent some to bme before but you said they were too blurry, lol, but i had cropped out the white border

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