Anchor-Shaped Surface Piercing

I appreciate that effort seems to have been made to mark out veins and and the humor in doing an anchor as a piercing rather than a tattoo… but… no offense intended to Tobi at Hot Rod in Houston, Texas, but I don’t think this will heal in a million years. I don’t honestly see it lasting more than a couple days anyway. Hopefully it was intended to be temporary.

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16 thoughts on “Anchor-Shaped Surface Piercing

  1. I’m imagining making a tight fist and feeling the skin stretch around the unforgiving piercings.

  2. ouch. i think it’s gonna swell a lot. then, before the hand will return usable, the piercings will fall out.
    label under ordeal?

    anyway funny idea; anyone needs some crazy stuff from time to time :)

  3. i think you arent giving these people enough credit. i think its an obvious fact that they wanted it to be temporary. If I am wrong so be it, but I think the sillier thing is thinking that this was every supposed to be anything but a fun temp thing.

    And the hand be unusable? nah. theyll be fine.

  4. Whatever the intent, the worst that can happen is a few minor scars, and to be honest, the piercings are shallow enough that I’m not sure they’re really cause scars at all because they’re mostly in skin that regenerates itself quite easily.

    I’m *assuming* they’re temporary, just done for a lark.

  5. Temporary piercings are always tempting fate. I see enough infections to think it’s more than a little foolish to get this aggressive, particularly with hands. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some hand piercings take, but infection there can be really ugly. Infection is particularly likely just because hands go literally everywhere.

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