French Glansectomy

Personally I prefer having my glans inflated and in someone’s mouth than deflated and on someone’s table, but I’ve got enough quirks that I’m not going to suggest that sucking is better than chopping for someone else. Pretty much every guy I’ve talked to with a glansectomy loves the end result of a shorter, harder penis (everything is still fully functional, assuming there’s no massive damage immediately from the procedure), and their partners seem to enjoy it as well.

As they say, “whatever makes you happy!”

26 thoughts on “French Glansectomy

  1. It looks very hot and exciting! and you have tied good, because of less bleeding! Previous the tips were removed? Have you forgotten the tube for peeing?
    The pics make me horny!

  2. That must really freakin’ hurt while it is healing… and the first erection with it must seem a little different… kudos to ya man…

  3. How come the penis gets harder when the head is chopped off? Poor little thing, it looks so lonely sitting on his fingers:)

  4. Why do guys do stuff like this? You can’t glue it back on and once you sever the nerves it’s useless. It can’t slip into the vag as easy either. Stop the maddess.

  5. kitchee– I’m told it’s because the body is able and willing to push a set amount of blood, so the smaller the ballon it’s trying to fill is, the harder it can make it. I don’t know if that’s true or not… for all I know it’s as simple as the guys are so much more turned on because they’ve achieved their ideal genitals.

    Jaime– These guys are fully sexually functional and have sex lives they enjoy.

  6. It’s not so risky! And only the cutting hurts a little, because the endorphins make us don’t feel the hurt: we are high during the act! And it looks cool! And i would be curious to chew my glans too!!! When i had removed pieces of my foreskin or semen-cords (selfdone vasectomy), it makes big fun to chew it, i have realised!!! The new scar-skin is very sensitivly i have experienced in the inside of my splitted cocks! That’s an advantage and the arousing in the pussy will be so able as before with the acorn, i think!
    Bloodstop by pressure-bandage on the wound is importand only!

  7. poor little guy… off with his head!! i guess…just wondering how many ladies actually prefer or wouldn’t mind being with a guy with a mutilated cock…i find it hard enough to find ladies willing to put my normal cock down their gullet, spank my ass and pull my mullet… oh well, more tacos for me

  8. also, i hear that thses guys do this to intensify arrousal and sensitivity… umm… i thought women already complained that guys couldn’t last long enough and that sexual intercourse lasts an average of 5-10 mins, so why shorten yer experience to 1-2 mins… i’m all for people doin what they want to their own body, but i always question why because i’m always curious as to if this is something i should be doing… in this case though, i will keep my lil’ guy in tact, he needs his helmet when he’s fighting in the trenches… adios folks

  9. Gato, I think your comments about your issues with premature ejaculation and difficulty in attracking girls may be quite unrelated to the presence or lack of a glans 😉

  10. i agree, that the arrousing of a wife without acorn or cockhead is more difficult, because without the bulge of acorn there is less friction in the pussy. I think, my wife couldn’t cum without thick cockheads! than only with licking still.
    Or you have to place little implants around the new tip of your cock for new friction effects insted of the old glans!
    This i would recommend now. Additional it gives new hot mod-acts! Bye!

  11. you are effin awesome dude
    i’m cuttin about two unches off mine later this week… it is tied off right now just waiting for it to die… then snip
    [email protected]
    any body wanna see it?

  12. Hy shannon!
    i think gato is right in the fact of premature ejaculation!
    Without a glans the man has much less sensitive friction during intercourse and so he will comemuch minutes later. He is able to steer his coming – i believe, perhaps at the same time with his gf or after her!!!

  13. O fuck the only way i can see getting that done if in fact he couldnt get hard enough for sex and this maikes it possible,but still o fuck i really enjoy and make good use of my tip top manhood doh fuckin doh

  14. When he places a few pebblestones under the skin around the new cock tip it could get a good rubbing border for fucking!
    Think about this and it makes fun, the placing too!
    That’s my experience. By, e

  15. I plan to do a lot of cutting to my head first befor I do the final cut. I still have a long way to go first I love it nice pick

  16. Hy pinsinri – you are right: first many other exciting and lustfull cutting sessions! The final cut off is the lost!

  17. I think “French” glansectomy means that the cut is in front of the “crown” or corona. Note that the severed head has no crown. This is a “compromise” that could give some of the feeling of the dick head without the bulk of it? Does the corona get hard wIth an erection and give an impression that the whole acorn is there in a vagina?
    Sucking a French glansectomy would provide the little bump the lips get when the dick is stuck in and pulled out of the mouth.

  18. I would like it done to myself as well.It just turns me on so much. That little head has controlled my life and now that head will be gone. That in itself really turns me on. Finding the right medical help might be a problem though,

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