22 thoughts on “Remote Control Erection

  1. I am waiting for pictures of someone hot plating themselves. Unless I missed something and they are already up here somewhere.

  2. That’s hilarious.

    I must say as well that this man has a very nicely shaped penis. I know that sounds weird, but it’s one of the first things I thought when I unblurred the photos.

  3. is it just me or does it look like hes been castrated?

    then agaion i reckon my testicles would recoil after being subjected to such treatment..

  4. Interesting idea. I use the e-collar in training working dogs; I’ve zapped myself a few times, but I never thought of using it in a fun way… 😀 By the way, contrary to popular belief, electric collars in dog taining are not cruel. The levels are so low they are no more than a tingle, and are used as an attention getter, not a punishment devise. Of course, like anything else, they can be abused, but in the proper application they are a very effective tool for training dogs. And maybe people too… 😀

  5. I’ve tried one of those and it really does hurt if you max it and have it on just for a little while.. i’m not really sure if the thing i used was a standard thingie but i know it was illegal and i didn’t try it on my penis either 🙂

  6. He has a pretty penis :3
    But OUCH! Interesting concept though, with the remote and all.

    … I said the p-word. :O

  7. the p-word being pretty or penis? 😉

    I’ll unblur it when the ‘rents aren’t around, but I really really love this idea, and if I had a penis I’d try it.
    Maybe I can get my boyfriend really really drunk and…. 😀

  8. Haha funny thing is, my father in law just finished buying a shock collar for his dog and that was one of the topics that we joked about!

  9. a funny and good idea! You have a hot gf! Has she removoved your balls ?! This has to be be the greatest, when a wife with her tender fingers gets out the thick nuts!

  10. He was experiencing shrinkage. It’s chilly, and he didn’t have much on. And he was anticipating the jolt — wouldn’t you shrink from that?

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