29 thoughts on “Green Hulk Suspension

  1. He stained my hands, that green bastard.

    Well done Andy, you have pushed the boundries in silliness yet again. You freak. *kisses*

  2. Haha i knew he’d get back on here somehow.

    Vampy- i totally agree, there must be a fancy dress shop in Norwich that Andy’s destined to visit.

  3. I agree with the Shrek thing, just because he looks too damn happy to be the Hulk

    Kickass picture though, same with the 1st superman pic!

  4. What can i say? I’m officially a tit. haha. 😛

    And if you want to make more suggestions for stupid suspensions for me to do, then just IM me on IAM or leave suggestions here. Oh and send me the pants to wear and that’ll make it more likely to happen. haha

  5. i say screw wonderwoman…. can we have some pics of scantily clad orion slavegilrls’ susensions?? pleeeaaseee???

  6. I think they have been so desensitized by over exposure that they now need to see you scantily clad to make all seem right with the world again.

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