OK, not real twins, but Fabiana from Sao Paulo has enough hotness for two people I figure. Photo by Manuel Nogueira for [in]finita.

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27 thoughts on “Twins!

  1. I don’t see one body mod on her. Oh, wait, she has earrings and a small arm tatttoo. Should I really need to search photos for a reason why they’re on modblog. Cheap dude, just posting hot girls for people to get off on. Sure, people enjoy that, but does it cheapen the site a bit? You’ll notice that the BME girls section has far more and is updated more often than the BME boys.

    Just saying.

  2. stop whining and dont come on modblog anymore… you know how shannon likes bme girls.. complaining about it wont change a thing..

    start your own…. im sure he wouldnt really mind.. (as long as you dont rip off the pics..)

    personnally, i dont care if she doesnt have tattoos/piercings … as long as they arent cheap webcam pics …

    and 1″ lobes is a mod AFAIK….

    have a nice day y’all!

  3. abstract_virtue/etc – To answer your accusations:

    1. Babefox has mods (you can see both large stretched lobes and her tattoo in the photo), and she’s involved in modification culture on a variety of levels. I think it’s unfortunate that you didn’t take the time to check out her page before jumping to conclusions as to whether you think she’s “modified enough” to be here.

    2. Even if she wasn’t as heavily involved as she was, saying that people aren’t modified enough to be on ModBlog is missing the point of BME… It’s not about getting the most mods, or the most hardcore mods… It’s about getting the mods that are right for you and make you happy.

    3. There are more BMEgirls posts than BMEboys posts because that’s the nature of the submissions I receive. If more guys sent in pinup-esque pictures, more would be posted.

    4. Body modification for the vast majority of people is either sexual or aesthetic in nature. As such, I don’t think it “cheapens” things in any way to indulge that. In fact, BMEboys and BMEgirls posts are SPECIFICALLY MEANT to indulge that.

    5. Because the vast majority of these posts include a link to the IAM page of the person, I don’t see that it’s a major issue to use long shots rather than closeups of mods, because the goal of these photos is to show it all in context, presented as the person chose to present it.

    6. Finally, if you think there are pictures on BME that haven’t made it to ModBlog but should, just email me the URL and a suggestion. Involvement and constructive feedback as to what you want is always more likely to get you what you want in comparison to just complaining about what you don’t like.

    I’m sorry if there are people who find these posts invalid. All I can suggest is that you skip over them, or just read BME instead of ModBlog because as a pure “documentary resource”, the focus is different… and of course because I’m not going to stop making these posts, because I believe they’re perfectly valid.

  4. woah, I didn’t expect ou to be so defensive! I’m not accusing you of not having people with ‘hard core’ mods, it’s just that to be honest, I’m a little bored of you posting pics of hot girls MAINLY due to their hotness, quite openly. I also had no idea that guys had to be ‘pin-up esque’ for this site, and can’t really pic out a lot that I’d consider to fit under that description from the present BME boys.

    I love modblog and I check it all the time. I think we should all lighten up, if I really disliked this page then I wouldn’t come here! I was making a light point that I saw, no need to get your guards up everyone.

    Frankie says relax . . . ?!!

  5. Google will tell you what AFAIK is on the top hit if you search for it.

    I think the stretched lobes and tattoo make her all the hottttter.

  6. Gosh, thought it was the Cheeky girls at first lol, but that girl’s pretty :)

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