14 thoughts on “Stars Lead The Way

  1. I like it, but honestly Shannon you’ve posted at least 3 other girls with the same hip tattoo design. I’m not saying it isn’t pretty, but I like it more when you post more original pieces.

  2. And what’s funny is that there’s actually a double filter (because first it goes through Phil as well)… So at least I know there are people who don’t mind a little repitition…

  3. I don’t mind the same tattoo being reposted if its a nice tattoo… but damn she is ugly!


  4. I don’t particularly think that was necessary at all. I think she’s cute! If you don’t think she’s attractive, who cares?! Since when is that the entire point of Modblog?

  5. I see a lot of girls in porn with this tattoo. Not that that is a bad thing……….I fear it may become the new “tramp stamp”

  6. I think “tramp stamp” is needlessly negative, but I agree that it’s a common motif. But it’s common because it looks good and many people like it I think.

  7. Who cares if there is alot of pics with the same tattoo design, the girls all look different and so far hot so keep em comming !

  8. Alanis Morisette…? :/

    Although I agree that it’s becoming the new generic-tribal-on-the-lower-back for girls (I typo’d tribble there. The shame.), It’s not yet reached the point where it becomes ubiquitous for the young-slapper-around-town.

    Time will tell though.


  9. thanks shannon! and thanks for the comments…..good and bad comments :)…be happy…

  10. Hmmm, a constellation of Stars …….. I wonder if they lead to a ‘black hole’ somewhere ?? If they did I suppose it would bring new meaning to the phrase ‘big bang’ . . . . (move along folks, nothing to see here, just more lame Rodney Dangerfield quality lines).

  11. I know that this is now a “generic” tattoo, but I like it. It’s complimentary to some girl’s (or guys, for that matter) anatomy.

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