Anti-Tragus Removal

A few weeks ago I posted on my personal blog that I wanted to remove my anti-tragus — so I was quite pleased to get this freshly done anti-tragus removal from iam:Howie (aka His procedure for them is to elevate the skin off of the cartilage and then removal so that there is enough skin to comfortably stitch around the new form. Very cool to see these in a modern/Western context! If giant labrets and giant nostrils can come back into style, I hope this can as well.

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  1. My future body modification plan is that i want to remove my head. Hopefully Howie don’t steal my idea…

  2. It looks really neat..It seems to me that too much conch was removed.. I guess to make up for lobes not been quite stretched enough… If less conch was removed the hole would have been smaller and possibly not looked as neat. I mean it’s supposed to be an anti-tragus removal right? not a partial conch removal as well?

  3. Generally hearing is affected for an initial period of time however the glory of the
    human body will typically (within reason) compensate and adjust to the change.

  4. I was going to say something about hearing loss, too – I hope the client never wants to enjoy the symphony again, let alone conversation in a room with some background noise!

  5. to think that having large ear work in the conch area accuatlly effects healing that much is rediculous

    i know people with very large inner conch work like 1/2 and 5/8, who wear tunnels who get asked that question all the time

    and there reply is nope i hear perfectly fine

  6. very interesting provedure,i can perfectly immagine how diffucult was the procedure my friend.
    and actually i’ve did few total conch removal and the customers never had any problems. Probably even in this case the man will not have any problems too.

  7. Yes, it will affect hearing, but it’s not going to make one deaf.

    He probably wouldn’t make any kind of good live soundman or recording studio tech, because perception of various frequencies would likely become significantly different from normal.

    But I’d wager that the traditional paths to hearing loss (i.e. loud music) would still be a bigger threat of diminishing one’s ability to make out conversations and other typical things.

  8. Given the structure of the ear and the dynamic nature of hearing the potential that such modification will affect hearing is certainly present; whether or not it will depends of course on many factors and will vary from individual to individual. There’s no way to say with certainty that any given mod absolutely will or will not manifest a given consequence.

  9. Hey i watched this procedure being done and all i can say is WOW! Howie was his usual professional self and the client was as cool as can be. This is the first western person i know of to have this procedure and that makes it extra special.

  10. Hearing happens in the inner ear, true, but the purpose of the conch of the ear is to gather and direct sound towards the ear canal. I’ve had several clients with large-gauge inner conch punches tell me that their hearing was noticeably affected, especially when wearing tunnels as opposed to plugs. I also notice a significant difference in my hearing when wearing larger 10mm balls on my vertical inner conch piercing, vs. wearing lower-profile spikeballs or demi-set gems. I’m very interested in reading any medical professional’s input on the subject – hello, moddoctor!

  11. i too was there while this was being done and must also gives props to Howie…the whole thing went smooth as silk and i was amazed at how relaxed the client and the whole situation was…always a pleasure to watch Howie doing what he does.

  12. I’m curious to ask about the Modern Western Context and what role does it play in the significance of removing your anti-tragus & partial conch?

    In what region of the world was this viewed as everyday routine/accepted/tradition?

    I’m just rather curious, since I’ve never heard of this as common practice anywhere and I’m rather interested.

    Also in relation to the inner workings of the ear. The ear is FORMED SPECIFICALLY TO CHANNEL SOUND DOWNWARD TO THE INNER EAR.

    Now some people there won’t be a significant audible change in hearing…However there are people out there where there will be a severe audible decrease.

    However it’s one of those things that you don’t know until you do it…But it should always be known that the risk of losing your hearing MUST be considered…Because to reverse something such as removal of anti-tragus and conch is a rather hard if not virtually impossible thing to do.

    Also as it has been documented in the past…Even if the procedure was done well and all that…There doesn’t mean problems won’t arise later during the healing process, or even later past that.

    It’s one of those things that only time will tell, if you ask me.

  13. i thought about hearing loss also… then i realized that my insanely loud car sterio is probably equally, if not more detrimental… and i dont care.

    even if it does affect hearing, your body will compensate… thus making this MORE of a mod than just aesthetic.

    i’m interested to see how it heals

  14. its fun how people think of the fact: “Oh the body will just compensate”

    Far to many people have that view point, and don’t realize the risk that yeah the compensation might actually be LOSS OF HEARING.

    When ANYONE considers these mods they MUST factor heavily on the pros of cons and be ready to accept BOTH should either occur.

  15. I’m gonna skip the anatomy lesson or the pointing out of flaws in all the previous ones posted and just say that it looks really, really good.

  16. That looks really nice…I would miss having my conches though but then again my lobes would be much bigger…

  17. That’s neat and all, but I’d like to see some inner ear mods! Where can I get my eardrum tattooed?

  18. I think Kim Nekroman of the Nekromantix could probably tattoo your eardrums… I think he’s done it to himself.. or maybe that’s just some of the cartilege around the top/side of his ear…

  19. It’s certainly different, but why choose to have this done? Like, is it like getting a piercing? Or is it more having different shaped ears or what?
    Apart from the fact that it looks odd, what was the motive for this procedure?
    Not diggin, just asking.

  20. This said kindly, well-intended and smiling, no flames or insult to anyone intended.

    One day this bloke will grow up, and regret having done this to himself. I, too, did many foolish things in my youth. My scars, at least, were ‘earned’ in SAS. Those of the feminine persuasion that wouldn’t find this appearance appalling are largely, themselves, rather appalling in appearance, even if they shaved their legs. Good luck with that, mate! 😉

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