Anti-Tragus Removal… Trend?

Earlier today I was asked for a referral in the UK for an artist capable of doing an anti-tragus removal, and not much later got an unrelated message from John Durante in Seattle (who you may know better these days for the incredible jewelry he makes at Evolve) showing me the anti-tragus removal he just did on Francesca. For years I’ve been wondering if anti-tragus removal would follow ear stretching and large labrets and be dredged out of humanity’s tribal history and injected into modern culture… maybe that is finally about to happen?


Anti-Tragus Removal

A few weeks ago I posted on my personal blog that I wanted to remove my anti-tragus — so I was quite pleased to get this freshly done anti-tragus removal from iam:Howie (aka His procedure for them is to elevate the skin off of the cartilage and then removal so that there is enough skin to comfortably stitch around the new form. Very cool to see these in a modern/Western context! If giant labrets and giant nostrils can come back into style, I hope this can as well.