Lindsey gets a hundred in the gut

Max Brand (from All Or Nothing in Atlanta, GA) did these 100 play piercings in Lindsey’s stomach. Quite a great start for her — this was her first play piercing session ever!

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25 thoughts on “Lindsey gets a hundred in the gut

  1. I saw this pic on another website I liked it then, and I still think it looks great. I think the website had a pic with the needles removed.

  2. I love the raised zig zags of the skin from all of the needles! Makes me wanna try it out…

  3. Where can body modification enthusiasts take a course about play piercing. It seems like such and intimate and private moment between two individuals (as needed) that it would be a shame to share with your local tattoo shop…

    moddoctor-this IS permanent for the recipient and the administrator!


  4. gorgeous! very very pretty. was it freehand or was there some marking up first to help?

    REalvirtuAL – i do play piercings on myself and sometimes on close friends, i have worked up to this after watching lots and lots of piercings, play piercings, hook throwing etc, and asking a heap of questions. then when i felt comfortable, i tried it myself, in a safe environment etc etc. my advice is to do the same, since i don’t think anyone does ‘play piercing courses’. you could contact fetish groups and clubs tho, they may be able to help.

  5. I would love to see the photos of after the needles were removed as well. I love this style of play piercing! It’s more of an artistic form of it I guess…

    I have heard of piercers running private sessions on learning play piercing, can’t remember where though.

  6. realvirtual: To be sure, from a spritual and experiential standpoint. I make no attempt to speak to that aspect at all. I should have qualified my statement in that regard.

  7. This was an amazing experience. Max is an awesome piercer. the zig zags in my opinion take it from being self mutilation to art. stabbing yourself with 100 needles is weird, but doing it in a pretty pattern is artistic lol.

  8. Thanks Lindsey…..I had fun too. So everyone knows, all of my play piercings are marked. You can’t do stuff like this freehand. All it takes is a little preperation to make the piercings come out this even….
    I’ve actually been designing a lot of my patterns in photoshop, and I’ve devised my own method of transferring the design to the skin (so that you don’t see any dots when we are done).

    If you are interested in getting pierced, or learing my methods, come see me at All or Nothing in Atlanta, or find me at

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