27 thoughts on “Christina Piercing

  1. They are really gorgeous. I think I might have to go get one now. That is, assuming I have the anatomy for it.

  2. I have had my Christina for almost a year now and it’s AWESOME! Everybody loves it, most of all me. Both the balls have got some serious blue bling in it, so it sparkles when it catches light – makes me feel really sexy.

  3. I love my Christina. I was pierced last Thursday and it’s pretty much already healed. I haven’t had any complications… except I haven’t tried shaving yet 🙂

  4. I have just had my christina done 4 days ago, and yes I c*me !! Glorious piercing! Would highly recommend 🙂

  5. Its lovely, I want todo this,I am from sri Lanka, Still no vagina piercings. Tell me more, I want tohave contact, Two days ago I did my Nipples

  6. does it hurt much, what other piercing pain would you compare it to? is it uncmfortable whilst healing?

  7. omg… im so excited ive been agonizing 4 2 months over what i want 4 my first genital piercing…. and this is definitely the 1 i picked. i cant wait!!! after this 1 im prolly gonna do a vertical hood….

  8. i’ve been wanting this well over a year now, and still cant get the courage to overcome the pain factor. as well as the risk to losing it over rejection 🙁

  9. Hey, ive been thinking about getting a genital peircing for ages, i want a pretty one cos im not rele too fetishy!! i think this one is the best, did you have any problems with rejection etc? x x x

  10. i really want a chris percing..but im scared hald to death about how much it will hurt i head different stories from ppl who say the clamp hurts alot..i cant imagen the clamp hurting so i get thinking if that hurts god only knows how much it will hurt when the needle comes..next question does it go fast…like only a few seconds and the needle is through?
    I had my tongue done and i did not think that it hurt at all peroid!..along with my ears..so what would you compare the pain to?

  11. Id love a christina!
    or a VCH!
    im only 16 tho 🙁
    any recommendations for piercing parlours in essex that will do it without parent permission?
    or no i.d?
    i look older so shudnt be a problem. i can buy alcohol without any questions asked.
    Much appreciated x

  12. im desperate for a christina – my bf would like me to have one as well – ive read a lot of neg stuff about it though – mmmmmm- im just chicken i should just go for it and see – if it causes me grief just take it out

  13. so, i got my piercing on friday and i’m SUPER fucking scared it’s going to reject. what are some tips that i should follow? i’m doing the salt wash as best i can, however, i’m afraid i might be moving it too much. I CAN’T HELP IT! is it best for me to leave it ENTIRELY alone? what are signs of it rejecting/migrating?

  14. I’ve got a vch and the pain was intense but over before it really phased me. Im getting my christina as soon as my vch heals because my piercer thinks I have the perfect anatomy for it without rejecting. I think the two piercings together are absolutely stunning

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