Cricket Attacks On The Rise

Sorry I didn’t have a chance to post today… It’s been a busy day, and unfortunately I think tomorrow is going to be quite a busy day as well… I’ll try and squeeze in some posting if I can though. Click if you like the sort of things I blur, or click if you just can’t stop yourself. And of course if you like it so much you need more, BME/HARD is your answer!

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63 thoughts on “Cricket Attacks On The Rise

  1. Ugh…god that gave me a chill. It’s almost as if Shannon knows my deepest fears and posts them here. :shivers:

  2. this just reminded me that i need to pick some crickets up for my tarantulas.

    i’m sure this speaks volumes.

  3. I know that crickets normally don’t bite or sting or anything, does the blood make them bite? Or is it more just to have bugs crawling on wounded flesh?

  4. That! *points* that is just wrong (that is MY opinion)…. Thank you Shannon you have put me off Dicks for the night

  5. Crickets can bite, although I’m not sure if the pet store variety – which these are – do. It appears he might have made horizontal cuts across his shaft prior, maybe to stimulate biting?

  6. K -

    Mine doesn’t look like that

    and it doesn’t have crickets on it

    I promise you I will never put crickets on my penis.

  7. ah geez, I hate hoppers and I’m not too fond of bloody cock either….:shudders:

    that just really ganked me out for the night. Job well done.

  8. i already had a huge fear of crickets due to childhood trauma

    this did absolutely nothing to help it (:

  9. Are crickets bitey? Or just tickley on something already bloody?
    Weird that they didn’t just chirp and hop away. They always hop away when I try to catch them.

  10. Funny. The first thing that struck my eye was the impressively placed watermark. I’m waiting for someone to get a “” tattoo just so they can be posted here.

  11. im gonna guess that he has some sort of sauce(like rasberry)on it. in the photo it does appear that there could be bite marks and im gonna further guess that whatever sauce it could be would provolk the crickets.

  12. I can imagine how this is going to turn out -

    Boy: I can’t catch any crickets *frown*
    Dad: Oh, well why don’t you cut your penis and run around waving it in the field *nod*
    Boy: …*O.O*

  13. ok, i definately have a massive fear of crickets, bordering on a phobia, i want to cry now.

  14. i like the way that it looks like a hive…like the shape of the cock, with all the bugs on it, i find it vaguely reminiscent of a beehive?

  15. I have an incredible hatred for creepy crawlies ever since I went to Nicaragua where the bugs flew out of the hole in the ground that was our toilet every time you turned the light on. Bug netting was my best friend for a month.

  16. No ones awnsered the question yet, what is actually going on? The idea someone sugested of putting something on the penis to make them bite looks possible to me…

  17. You know, weirder pictures than this have been posted on here. I’m still kind of confused about how the reactions to Shannon’s chosen pictures have changed over time and especially recently.

    I have an enormous fear of the bug/genital combo, personally, due to a spider falling right onto my crotch while I was in the bathtub once; but more power to him. Hell, maybe he gets off on the being creeped out, for all I know. Or yeah, maybe it’s just the bitey/tickley feeling. Good question, though, CupCake. Is this bestiality, or is there a specific term for insect fetishists?

  18. The bugs are already in a glass container/jar. So that might be why they’re sitting on his penis.

    However, it is odd o.O

  19. Last i thought, crickets didn’t bite! lol. I think it’s just cbt + bugs/gentiles thing that’s going on. i don’t think the blood and crickets are directly related.

  20. a google search turned up.

    ” Normal House crickets are blood thirsty carnivores. They will bite through soft human skin and if the subject is asleep and unaware they will drink their fill of the person’s blood. They can not bite through tough skin as on the hands, but any soft, particularly moist skin which eminates the odor of blood within, is prime target for a cricket bite. Many thought this was an old wives tale till numerous crickets were tested, and sure enough they are blood thirsty insects. Also they are known to carry a number of diseases , so this is a matter that should not be overlooked in health issue concerns. Severe infestations should be removed. “

  21. I didn’t realize there were cricket reflections on the outside. So in addition to them being “blood thirsty insects,” they don’t have much of a choice but to stick around.

  22. Which makes the next scenario -

    Dad: Now boy, go out and catch a jar full of crickets
    Boy: Why?
    Dad: So I can put my penis in it, of course.

    And on another note, and oddly enough, I was having a conversation where “beastiality” came up and it was realized that that’s a misspelling, it’s actually bestiality, pronounced – bĕs’chē-ăl’ĭ-tē.

  23. I was drawn to the tag as well.. how long did you have to sit in front of the pic shannon to get it looking right ;)

  24. i hate bugs in general,so i can’t stand this photo…but i do like the bloody penis heheheehe

  25. EW.

    ew ew ew.

    Shannon, you’re having the time of your life posting these pictures, right? I know I would, after reading people’s comments :P

  26. I still want an answer to my question. I don’t actually care about the crickets. I want to know what the white thing in the lower corner of the picture is, and what is AROUND the penis. Where, physically, is it? What is surrounding the penis? I literally cannot visually parse that image at all.

    And there are at least four sentences in that paragraph that I’m pretty sure I’ve never typed before.

  27. I was much more freaked out by the story about the spider-bath-crotch in comment #38 than I was by the cricket picture. I’m terribly arachnophobic, you see.

    I dunno. this shit just doesn’t really faze me anymore. I blame Shannon.

  28. Oh Jen, that really made me laugh! As for the picture…Oh My Good God! That just gives me the heebie jeebies. Not to be rude but could you imagine putting that thing in your mouth knowing it’s been covered in bloodthirsty crickets?! ;)

  29. Jiminy crickets! I can’t stand things crawling on me let alone trying to get some bugs onto my pubic region.

  30. Oh yea shannon you did it again, I love stof like that penis with crickets all over it. Yum the crickets look like they are having fun. I need more pictures like this. yum

  31. Oh geez… i didn’t know what that was until i looked at the posts!

    I have an irrational fear of crickets… this does not help!

  32. i do the same with more than hundred buffalo mealworms on my dick and balls.
    I put my poor dick in a plastic bottle
    if you do this twenty minutes your penis looks like this piture above

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