15 Minutes of Fame

While my hat is totally off to the folks from Suicide Girls for scoring a just amazing product placement on last night’s CSI:NY (seriously, wow to the marketing department), it did sort of feel like a “the day punk died” moment… Watching it sure made things feel farcical, put-on, and embarassing — so thanks to sque3z for sharing this sideshow shot from a movie shoot that he and the Well Hung crew (Anomaly Studios, Pasadena, CA) were involved with…

More freaks, less fashion!

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12 thoughts on “15 Minutes of Fame

  1. THe suicide girls on CSI did make me cringe. It felt so fake and kind of like my little secret was let out. I know suicidegirls has become really popular but it just didn’t seem right.

  2. what is this suicide on csi thing? could somebody fill me in…

    ps, im not a fan of those suicide girls at all. its just another fetish site. not a new realm of more ethical porn. are people around here generally fans?

  3. it did sort of feel like a “the day punk diedâ€? moment…

    Between that and Dead Kennedy’s CDs at Best Buy. Tattoos everywhere. 13 year-old suburban kids with mohawks not getting a second glance and all the other dilution that’s occurred, punk as a visual motif is definitely not about rebellion anymore.

    I was listening to a track by MC Lars the other day entitled “Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock”. The lyrics include a spoken word segment that goes “DIY ethics are punk rock! Starting your
    own label is punk rock! GG Allin was punk rock! But when
    a crass corporate vulture feeds on mass consumer
    culture, then spending Mommy’s money is not punk rock!” And MC Lars is right. It’s almost enough to make me want to stay up all night photocopying the hand pasted zine we put together back in the 80s…. ok, maybe not. But punk visually has long been coopted and ethically has transformed into something very different.

  4. Funnily enough I’m writing my undergrad dissertation on SG and, more specifically, the conflict between the ‘image’ of SG (both website and girls) and the business/models themselves. Having read this interview about the CSI episode it’s helped get some thoughts together…

    Meanwhile that shot looks interesting! Yey for real circus shows!

  5. Seeing as I have no real opinion on the suicide girls themselves because it just isn’t of interest to me I do think it’s great anytime modified people get more exposure. In the long run the more modified people that are on television in roles where they aren’t portrayed as evil murderers or bad influences on impressionable children the better.

  6. Squeeze, Well Hung, and the Anomaly Crew in general seem to do just amazing things. Good to see them at it. I need to go down there and say hi to those fools 🙂

    – James

  7. Yay! Congrats on the Modblog spot Sque3z! Miss you guys a ton. Bummed I didn’t get more pierced before fleeing to Oz!

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