“My body is my temple, so I choose to decorate it and celebrate it. The transcendence that takes place when I am pierced takes me to a place that is total peace; a place of safety, a place where I become stronger in mind, body, and spirit. It’s like a shield that protects me through this journey called life… for I have seen the journey’s end and remain true to myself. My decision to adorn my body with horns is symbolic of the god Pan, who I feel is my protector. My afinity with nature keeps me close to him and keeps him close to me. This is my life, this is my love.”
     - Noman Pan

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Shannon Larratt is the founder of BME (1994) and its former editor and publisher. After a four year hiatus between 2008 and 2012, Shannon is back adding his commentary to ModBlog. It should be noted that any comments in these entries are the opinion of Shannon Larratt and may or may not be shared by LLC or the other staff or members of BME. Entry text Copyright © Shannon Larratt. Reproduced under license by LLC. Pictures may be copyright to their respective owners. You can also find Shannon at Zentastic or on Facebook.

22 thoughts on “Noman

  1. Looks like the horns are pretty new, healing anyway :)
    he does look like Pan a bit i think, gotta love the abe-lincoln-style-piercing-beard. Sorry cant describe it any better.
    Shannon posted a pic with a similar stlye a few months back (beard-piercing-thing)
    who would have guessed english is my first language huh! :(

  2. if I hadn’t had to scroll down first, i wouldn’t have noticed the horns first – i woul have noticed that smile.

    this is NOT someone concerned with people asking “what are you going to do when you’re 80?”!

  3. It’s not a look I’d go for, but that smile and that explanation… wow. Now that’s someone who knows himself. Bravo.

  4. He was actually at a New Year’s party held by my family a couple years back. Did I get the pleasure of meeting him? No. Where was I? Stuck across the ocean in Germany.
    Come back and chill with my family, Noman.

  5. #7 hah! now thats a good answer :-P

    he’s a funky funky guy! would I be right in guessing that an old pic? or has he had the implants changed. he had horns back on the Modified DVD – pleh I probably wrong :-P

  6. Wow, that’s a hell of a summary. I saw Noman on the Modify DVD and thought he had a really great grasp and understanding of himself and where he was coming from and going and this just makes me believe it all the more!

  7. When people ask me what I’m gonna do when I’m 80, I tell ‘em “Try to get to the toilet without losing my dignity.”

  8. haha, i love number 12. his smile is infectous. i was having a bad day until i saw his happy face. thank you! :)

  9. I like a lot of his look, but the contacts creep me out. I have a friend who wears them sometimes, and I always avoid eye contact with him when he wears them. I’m sure it’s something to do with a scary movie or something I once saw.

  10. These comment are very similar to the ones made in Modify, and its just as powerful an insight here as it was there. It’s nice to see someone that is so intune and understanding of themselves.

  11. I must say that’s quite the statement, and I feel an odd affinity with it, too. My piercings started as a statement – but to no one in particular. They’ve become such a statement to -me-, personally, that I don’t know how to word it.

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  13. I saw this guy on Ricki Lake! He was the nicest, most polite, intellectual, well spoken guy ever!

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