22 thoughts on “Single Point Pockets (I think)

  1. the look is def. very nice.
    but i would be a bit nervous,
    having such “sharp” little edgy things near my eyes.

  2. They’re not so close to the eyes, and they’re pointing in the opposite direction. Looks pretty cool, very interesting.

  3. All I can think of is how often they must catch on his pillowcase at night, and other such things; that would get annoying. They look really great though.

  4. This is awsome…..brilliant idea, and well realized…….I hope these will heal proprely and last long……………

  5. These are awesome. Every time I see something like this I am so amazed at the creativity. Before I first saaw ModBlog I thought I had seen every possible piercing, but every day I see things like this and realise that I’m only seeing the tip of the iceberg, if that makes any sense at all.

  6. Nomad’s?? eek. i hate that place. the guys there were elitist and one was piercing my underage friend because she was giving him ass.
    they were all about creative surface piercings and stuff, but they clearly didn’t have a clue about technique.
    i don’t quite understand these single point pockets. if you squish the skin together, the open end will stab into the skin…
    doesn’t seem too smart to me.

  7. I really like the way it looks, but yeah, it seems like it would stab you?? And he seriously needs his eyebrows waxed/combed/gelled.

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