18 thoughts on “Under the Bridge

  1. actually i believe it is a tunnel…….

    ooh so beautiful.. why didn’t i think of that!! damnit!!

  2. All these suspension photos make me sad. I wanna go up again! Why doesn’t Colorado have any groups?!?

  3. hahaha Jacksmiths formula is starting to worry me Wayde.

    Its a top location and I would love to get some more people up around this area. It was also good fun getting the 4X4 dirty.

  4. Very nice photo, looks peaceful. Reminds me of what people say its like to die… light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 in this case a suspension

  5. yeah it was done in an abandoned train tunnel. Dalas was hanging in celebration his 18th birthday. Thanx yogi, ewan, dalas and crew it really was a beautiful suspension

  6. Nice photo. I always like the look of suspending in natural surroundings, it adds an element that you just don’t get inside.

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