Unusual Industrial Piercings

I’ll start with one that’s fairly standard in terms of jewelry for unusual industrials, other than the wonkiness of looping it through the piercings. This custom made piece was done by Oliver at Danse Sabbatique in Tecate, California.

These next three examples using very pretty custom jewelry are all by El Verno at Holy Macherel/Visual Addiction in St. Paul, MN. From left to right they’re a three way industrial with a trillion cut stone, a 6x6mm princess cut cubic zirconia in a vertical industrial, and finally a very cool six-point custom inner cage.

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32 thoughts on “Unusual Industrial Piercings

  1. First tought: wauw!

    Second tought: how did they get in? Especially that right one…

    Third tought: won’t those impair hearing?

  2. I have a sneaking suspicion that the vertical industrial’s ‘sun glare’ effect may perhaps be photoshoped. :o

    Awesome stuff, I really really love the 3 point. I think its simplicity is its strength.

    Keep em comin!

  3. Is the third one a trick one? Obviously the two that we can see the ball closures on are real, but I’m not sure how the hell one would put those on/take them out/etc.

  4. I think I’d go insane if I couldn’t q-tip my ear canals, and it certainly looks like a couple of these would certainly hinder that.


  5. This post brings up an argument I started recently. I had gotten pissed off that people kept saying that they got their industrial pierced as if it was a body part. Petty I Know, but if people get bitchy about ‘gauging vs stretching’ dot dot dot. Anyway i’ve always thought of industrial as meaning your basic two point lobe piercing with a straight (or slightly curved for anatomy) barbell. I would think that all of these are pictures of ‘ear projects’. And industrials get their name from the fact its become more or less the industry standard project. Am I way of on this or what?

  6. My guess is maybe the ‘bar sections’ thread into the centre-piece to get them together? .. With like a fixed ball on the end maybe.

    I like the triple one but the far right one is way too busy looking. If the different sections were evenly spready it would look alot better.

    Still great work though, pushing boundaries a little further.

  7. I’ve considered industrials purely because they can look like these. On another note, did they get them done like this, or one at a time ’til they could put in that jewelry?

  8. Saw some jewellery especially for this in the latest TRENDLINE catalogue from Germany. They also did stems in PTFE to allow some flexibility with the positioning.

  9. DeCo, I believe the standard, original ‘Industrial’ refers to the piercing done at the top of the ear, going through two separate holes, with one long barbell. eg. mainly what you see in here: http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/01-ear/ind001.html
    But now ‘Industrial’ seems to refer to two or more ear piercings connected with one piece of jewellery (straight or bent barbell), as above. (ones connected with a CBR or circular barbell would be called orbitals).
    And then when someone plans multiple piercings for one ear or body part, they tend to call it a project.
    It’s all a bit technical aint it :P

  10. That second one is just about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I’m drooling a little, I just LOVE it.

  11. wow, pwetty girl… =)

    but anyway… I always asumed the name industrial came from the bar resembing building scaffolding… although now I think about it I really not sure how I came to that conclusion…

    I gotta say my favourite picture (jewellry wise that is :-P) has to be the third. tis well funky :-)

  12. You know I would love to see the nurse’s face that goes to take the temp with an ear thermometer. I just have my tragus(s) done and that is fun to catch nurses off guard with those. I can only imagine what comments those would get.
    I love the 3 point one and the middle one. Great work.

  13. The one in the middle was altered ….not by me though! I believe this is the handy work of Shannon’s minions.
    I have made all of these pieces out of custom pieces of opals and and white gold! I glad that every one is enjoying them! I will be bringing some more creations to life very soon!

  14. I must ask where can one purchase jewelry like this, i know its all custom made but ive been looking to do some crazy ear projects but cannot find the right jewelry anywhere. I also am looking for a multi looped spiral if anyone knows of sites for this can you please let me know.

  15. Love the first pic, very pretty.
    Would this be custom made jewellery, or something that can be bought off the shelf so to speak?

  16. those are fucking sweet i just have a normal industeral and it hurts like a b**** :) oh well nice dudes peace xox

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