15 thoughts on ““The search within”

  1. Can you believe that boy!!
    But this is a good birthday present for him here on the modblog!
    Happy Birthday Wildskin!

  2. i dont know if its universal across countries, but id agree with green being 21ga, and blue 23ga. not sure about yellow, maybe 25?.. 22ga here is black/grey..

    very pretty. looks like angry clavicles though.. and the top navel dont look too happy but that might just be the pic

  3. o.0 Hey look its me! AWSOME! Thanks Shannon!!…. It was an awsome experience! and of course as always Mr. Wild SKin did a fucking great job! he is an excelent piercer! and friend!Gracias pendex!! big time gracias! haha …galleta?

    fearandloathing: Its he picture playing silly tricks on you…Both navel piercings are about 5 years old and happy.
    But your also right! the clavicles are giving me a bit of a hard time but they are still in process healing and accomodation so they will look angry some days.

  4. thnx everyone for da comments. it was a really nice experience. well….green caps are for 18ga needles, blue ones for 21g and yellow ones for 23g needles.
    …and yes…i had an amazing birthday celebration…and this just makes the cheerry of da cake 😉 thnx shannon for considering my things over here 🙂

  5. could have looked a lot nicer with a little more planning…..and smaller dots for markings…..
    good start though……keep up the good work…..

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