22 thoughts on “All About Love

  1. did some one else notice that the bones behind this skull look just like cock (ball in the botom part and glan on the top!)…. aniway maybe i am just a little bit perverted seiing cock everywere:p

    nice scarif job altough!

  2. awesome work… but wouldn’t the healing process hurt a lil more than other scars because of the placement under the arm?

  3. I would have to also confirm the visual look that it looks more like a “Skull & Cock’n’Balls”

    As the top two bits of the bones do not match the bottom two…As the top ones are more rounded and not the identical shape of the bottom two.

  4. Very cute. And they definately do look like cock bones. Someone should get her in here to confirm or deny. 🙂

  5. I think the top two are intentionally reversed? They looked (at first) like upside down hearts to me…of course, now I see what everyone else sees since the suggestion has been planted.

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