The keen-eyed that can stay focused through the most arduous onanism should be able to notice Cour‘s implant (and great pirate tattoo, nipple piercing, and more).

20 thoughts on “Arrrrr!

  1. i’m not gonna lie, i noticed none of the above except for the nipple piercing. ..haha, i love when you post these beautiful girls, shannon.

  2. Am I the only one who noticed the water bong first?

    What is the implant? From the photo angle all I can really tell is that it is an implant, but not really what.

  3. My eye motion went… face –> breasts –> pirate tattoo –> nipple piercing –> bong –> implant… if I’m watching my subconscious actions well anyway. I’ve been trying to think about what parts of a picture my eye focuses on and in what order, it’s funny what it tells you.

  4. i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw this… cour works at randy adams in ft.worth and shes the one that gave me my first piercing ha!

  5. I didnt see the implant OR the bong. I was mesmerized by her other attributes. What is the implant, by the way? You really can’t tell from this angle.

  6. hi I really love your pirate tattoo, I wish I could see it complete. I just got myself a Jack sparrow tattoo i love this pirate stuff. Nice implant … that’s what i do for working too … succes you xxx bart

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