"Freaking out the family"

Jamin writes, ‘I love my gran like a finger through my 3/4″ septum.’

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38 thoughts on “"Freaking out the family"

  1. nice lol! my grandma freaked to when she saw my first branding….. i am just wating to show her my brand new cutting:-p! hihi

  2. If the grandma was a little heavier, I’d almost mistake her for mine. She can’t stand to look at my tattoos. She’d probably walk out of the room if I did that. Which is what makes this picture so awesome.

  3. Hahaha my gran always says “Have you got more of those bloody things?!”

    She hates it when I take my plugs out or wiggle my split tongue at her!

  4. Woop Woop, freakin’ out the olds! I love it. I wonder what our grandchildren will do to squik us out?

  5. I love it. Reminds me of when my GREAT granny was convinced she wanted a navel piercing to go with the new low-rise jeans she accidentally picked up.

  6. hahaha, my grandma looks in my nose all the time and tells me she doesn’t like my septum… but she has yet to see the finger action!

  7. My second favorite mod pictures are photos of modified people(especially heavily modified people) hanging out with their families.

    You can probably guess what my first-favorite mod pictures are.

  8. haha. My grandma is disgusted by 00g ears, facial and tongue piercings and visible tattoos. i dont even want to think what she’d say about all the mods I have that she doesnt know about.

  9. That picture actually made me laugh out loud. So cute!! It’s my new favorite picture on this site.

  10. this just made my day…my grandparents do the same thing when i slide the jewerly in my sternum..

  11. Awesome Ben just beautiful… I get way to tripped out to do shit like that around my g-ma. I honestly don’t think she notices them. She never even glances at my tattoos piercing or nothing so odd?

  12. My grandmother got her first tattoo at 78 :)
    She’s fine with tattoos but I think if I stuck my finger thru my ear she’d hit me, lol

  13. I wish I had a grandma to freak out like that. Tbf though, my mum always goes a bit nuts every time I get something new, and will then proceed to say how she doesn’t like it and wants me to look “normal” again.

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