Double Breast Skewer

Birgit is into some heavy play!

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74 thoughts on “Double Breast Skewer

  1. First thought: “Holy shit, wow!”

    Second thought: “What’s the healing on something like that; risk of infection?”

    Third thought: “Huh, that’s kind of hot.”

  2. Normally, I’m warning on extreme behavior of some unforeseen complication. Seriously, though, aside from the risk of infection I’m not seeing a lot of significant risk here and frankly it just makes me…



  3. Oh god. Ow. My titties. Oh sweet jesus. Oh god.

    (that is kinda hot though….)

    but, oh damn. God almighty. My boobies. Ow. They hurt…Ow.

  4. ow!

    my boobs actually ache…

    i think its kinda stupid…. but who iam i to judge..
    if it give u pleasure …keep doing it :)

  5. Would play like this possibly lead to a higher infection risk, like an increased likelihood of mastitis . . .?


  6. I swear I just held my girls and was fully saying OW! But thats kinda hot. Don’t know if i’d be down with something like that going through mine though!

  7. “Verena, no one said you have to like it or to do it :)”

    I personally like it but, god, what is with this website and people not being allowed to voice their opinion, if they disagree, without someone harking on them? It’s so damn annoying.

  8. Well said, Jessica. If people are free to post pictures of themselves doing something they clearly get pleasure from without being condemned, then surely people should be able to comment about it without condemnation as well?

  9. Uh Oh, that pic is extremely HOT, I wouldnät do that even if I could, but that looks very ..Nice. :D

  10. nothing on modblog really affects me anymore, but this made me gasp. getting my nipples pierced hurt quite enough, thanks.

  11. WOW, and her IAM page is..
    french ladies rule(untilll i forget this and start not loving them again)

  12. Count me among those going “Uh uh” and holding my girls, but thinking “Damn, that’s hot.”

  13. WOW
    really intense
    I don’t know why, but I can’t stop staring at her perfect breasts. I wish I had the guts to try something like this. I love little nipple play/torture and I could see this in my future, so WOW again.

  14. holy shit that just made me insta hard…
    my pecker fluttered like a pigeon having a heart attack

  15. “reminds me of back in the days of the Psycho Cyborgs”. That’s where I saw it the first time, thanks I was trying to remember!

    Wicked photo! :)

  16. Wow.
    That looks so intense. I feel a really strong split in my mind between ‘looks like a lot of fun’ and ‘holy crap I’d be terrified’.

    But seriously, what sort of infection risks are associated with this? That’s just soo much deep tissue.

  17. Infectionwise, I’d expect the risk is the same as any needle stick. The risk of deep tissue infection is higher but since the skewer doesn’t pass through any potential spaces it would most likely be a localized phenomenon. Poking holes is risky play, always. Poking long, deep holes just means taking precautions to minimize the risk.

  18. Wow, that’s just very, very hot. I’d love to try something like that, but I don’t know if I would have the courage to do it. I’ll bet it feels just amazing.

  19. this one gave me a chill up my spine. not as bad as the skewer in the stomach from a couple weeks ago… but just as crazy!

  20. i heard the word skewered in a play i saw last night and i couldn’t get this image of my head.

  21. shish kabobs anyone?

    yeah, it looks like that would hurt like hell.
    and how does she know she didn’t pierce through anything important?..

  22. Wow, this is definitely one of those “You go ahead, but I’m not trying it” moments. Perhaps that’s because my boobs are a good two-three times larger* than hers, so there’d be a hell of a lot more tissue to poke through…

    *42DDD for all of you wondering (they weigh 12 pounds EACH).

  23. outmywindow
    ahhh you know how much yours weigh?? did you do anything special to weigh them? or just, errr, lay em on a scale?? haha. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while, but wasn’t sure on the right way to do it? I’d be hesitant to try it for the same reason as you O_o

    I’ve heard that you could do this, but I don’t think i’ve seen it before this and it’s definitely impressive and looks awesome!

  24. @jenny- I used a regular bathroom scale. The trick is that you have to make sure you don’t press down on the scale with the rest of your upper body (the results will be higher than they should be). What I did was place the scale on a table, then I kneelled down so that my breasts were even with the table while by upper body was still perpendicular to the floor (does that make sense?). Then yeah, just flop those puppies on the scale! I weighed mine one at a time because they wouldn’t both fit at once. Or I guess you could just weigh one and multiply the result by two…

  25. I’m a 32F and mine don’t way 12 pounds each. You sure your scales are working properly? ;)

  26. Hey Caitlin actually she could still be right. Bra sizes are a funny thing because as the rib cage gets bigger so do the cups I’m a 42 C but if I try on a 38 C (besides it being too tight around the ribs) my boobs would be all over the place and I would probably need a D or larger. Plus each persons breasts are different and she could denser breast tissue than you causing her breasts to be heavier.

  27. @Caitlin: The cup size determines how “long” the cup is (ie: how far from the body it projects — each cup size = 1 inch further from the body), the band size determines how wide each cup will be (the larger the band size, the more boob it takes to cover the chest area).

    Think of tin cans. Your “tin cans” will be longer than mine (by one inch), but the diameter of mine will be quite a bit wider (say three inches?) than yours due to the fact that it takes 10 more inches of material to make it around my body than it does yours. Therefore, the volume of my tin cans is larger than the volume of yours, so mine will weigh more. ‘Tis simple geometry.

    Neener neener neener! ;)

  28. k so my scale is digital and it didn’t work : ( i need to find a nondigital scale!!! I don’t think mine are quite 12 pounds each though. I’d estimate around 4 or 5?

  29. I’d say mine are probably about a half pound each XD
    Do you maybe have kitchen scales that aren’t digital? I’m sure that would work fine to

  30. That literally scared me and made me freak…
    I love my nipple rings but GOD!!!
    The amount of pain I imagine of it going through my whole breast.
    I am not squeamish either, but the amount of blood…ow…get her some crackers and juice!

  31. Have done nipple pierces.. clamps.. tight tit bondage..
    SOOO want to do this ! volunteers? willing victims ?

  32. There has to be a video of this somewhere, omg if she was brave enough to have this done we should at least be brave enough to have a similar thing done to us guys :-)

  33. Not convinced this isn’t posed. The hands could be the entire trick for this. Dab a little fake blood around. Have a section of skewer that bends 135 degrees that she holds under one hand. A second she holds with the other hand. The photog places a short section of skewer between her boobs and she pushes things together to hold it in place. Move the three metal pieces a bit till they pretty much line up, (oops, off a bit on the left side of photo) and then snap the shot. Still I like it. More fun to think this was for real. Show different angles with no hands holding things and it would be more convincing.

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